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KAPONO AC Update Communication No. 2013 -5 <br />website: email: <br />Oct 21st Last Community Meeting -- Announced Survey Results /Formed working Groups <br />Out of 550 residence — 372 took survey. <br />KAPONO WORKING GROUPS: <br />Survey was broken down into 4 groups (listed below). These groups now form the KAPONO working <br />Groups with the top votes within each category as the main focus of the group. <br />SAFETY & WELLNESS <br />Farris Etterlee, Advisor farrise <br />Item #5: Fire Department <br />Ambulance Services <br />C.E.R.T. Training <br />Item #6: Emergency 911 phone at Kehena Beach <br />IMPROVEMENTS & LIFESTYLE <br />Richard Koob, Advisor r' <br />Item #8: Scenic Byway classification <br />Item #9: Bike/ walk path (Ranked #4 a@76% yes votes) <br />Item #10: Pothole repair <br />COMMUNICATION & CONNECTION <br />Yvette Taylor, Advisor _yvette <br />Item #11: Cell phone service improved <br />Item #18: Faster internet service (Ranked #1 x@82.2% yes votes) <br />Item #22: Improved Bus service <br />NATURE & CULTURE <br />Robert Trickey, Advisor <br />Red Road Clean .,Up ( BA) — social at point in front of PBP afterwards <br />Item #25: Preservation of heritage sites (Ranked #2 x@80.2% yes votes) <br />Clean -up of road sides (Ranked #3 x@77.6% yes votes) <br />Removal of invasive plants and species (fire ants and frogs) <br />Clean -up of beaches <br />Item #26: Development and implementation of a community dark skies guideline <br />Restricting street lights everywhere <br />Item #27: Supporting S. P.A.C. E. farmer's market (Ranked #5 a@76% yes votes) <br />OTHER ISSUES <br />Bryan Brey, Advisor b[ <br />Various Items or Issues, (contained in the Survey or not) that develop as individual or group priorities. <br />