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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Communication No. 2012-2 <br /> <br />PCDP Action Committee <br />January 8, 2013 <br /> <br />To Faye Hanohano and Russell Ruderman, <br /> <br /> <br />The Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />(PCDP AC) would like to request a funding allocation and <br />support from the State of Hawaii and DLNR to plan and develop <br />a safe, legal swimming area at Isaac Hale Beach Park. The <br />County of Hawaii Department of Parks and Recreation has <br />ʻ <br />expressed their support for the project, but have stated that <br />they would need to work in partnership with the State and <br />DNLR and would need a funding allocation from the State. The <br />swimming area would be a lagoon created on land (TMK (3) 1- <br />4-002:008) that is currently owned by the county but within <br />the State Land Use Conservation district. It could be developed <br />as part of phase two of the Isaac Hale Beach Park. Please see <br />attached map for the potential location. A funding allocation <br />of $150,000 (or an amount the state deems appropriate) would <br />allow the hiring of a shoreline consultant. This consultant <br />would design and plan the swimming area in consultation with <br />the appropriate agencies and the community groups. <br />Subcontracting could be done as needed with an engineer <br />and/or planner. An effort would be made to go inland as <br />much as possible for the swimming area to facilitate <br />construction and permitting. Once the design is completed, <br />the consultant would start the permitting process and create a <br />budget for the construction of the swimming area. At that <br />time, a further allocation for construction of the swimming <br />area would be needed. <br /> <br />The development of the swimming area has widespread <br />community support. Hundreds of residents have signed a <br />petition in support including swimmers, surfers, fishermen and <br />local landowners. There is a community group, Friends of <br />Pohoiki, spearheaded by Luana Jones, which has been <br /> <br />