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ptANNING DEPARTMENi <br /> of Hawa+i <br /> William P. Kenoi �''•"�v w'`'�4, �un� �hOkab� F{y�$J Leithead Todd <br /> Mayor ne Ke Planning Direcror <br /> '� � a-Kona, HI 96740 <br /> ' ECEIVED DE� 0 4 201�ep n,p��Ma�s,°,°�ga <br /> :� <br /> '''�'M''"�� �Z �0 .�30 a3A13�3� ' <br /> Wes[Hawai`i Office East Hawai`i Office <br /> 74-5044 Me Keohokalolc Hw 10] Pauahi Stree[,Sui[e 3 <br /> Kailua-Kona,Hawai'i 96740 y County of Hawai�� Hilo,Hawai`i 96720 <br /> Phone(808)323-4770 Phone(808)96 L828R <br /> Fax(RO8)32'7-3563 PLANNING DEPARTMENT Fax(808)961-8742 <br /> KONA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN ACTION COMMITTEE <br /> December 3, 2012 <br /> TO: Fellow CDP Chairpersons and Members <br /> Thru: BJ Leithead Todd, <br /> Planning Director <br /> SUBJECT: Islandwide Action Committee Council <br /> Aloha all. The Kona CDP AC has finally been able to agendize and consider the 9/11/12 <br /> proposal by the Puna CDP AC Chair to create an Islandwide AC Council. <br /> Our Kona CDP AC has been wrestling with some pretty complicated topics unique to our plan <br /> and which have created real challenges to effective implementation thereof. Our membership <br /> often struggles to get quorum and a majority of our members are holdover from expired terms or <br /> remaining vacancies. Our present focus has been on finalizing our work plan for the coming <br /> year, submitting our CIP list and the interface with the Planning Dept. on resolutions for the �, <br /> unexpected technical outcomes of adopting Smart Growth principles in the existing regulatory <br /> framework. I as Chair and our other members do not have the time or energy to become involved <br /> in another CounciL <br /> Our Kona AC does see areas of common interest with the other AC including: adopting <br /> Complete Streets policy and standards; integration of Smart Growth principles; Transit planning: <br /> and, the integration of adopted CDP into the upcoming General Plan update. We feel initially the <br /> best way to collectively address these is in an informal,collegial way. Perhaps done through the <br /> Planners Forum that meets fairly regulazly or best through a conference like HCPO, where <br /> sunshine law does not apply. We will be encouraging our Planning Dept., which this year is to <br /> host the Hawai`i Congress of Planning Officials (HCPO) conference,to structure its agenda <br /> including these topics AND to provide ali the AC members scholazships, like done for Planning <br /> Commission members, to attend the HCPO conference and participate in the discussions <br /> Sincerely, <br /> Ken elrose <br /> Chair <br /> Kona CDP Action Committee <br /> 4� � 2529 <br /> www.coh lo Hawai'i CourUy is at Equal Oppor�unity Prwider and Employer <br />