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<br /> <br />Communication No. 2012-44.1 <br />Connectivity location criteria recommendation <br /> <br />Aloha PCDP action committee members, <br /> <br />It is the Upper/mauka Puna talk story groups’ goal to have the AC adopt submitted connectivity <br />criteria today. It will then be made available to the public through, homeowners associations, <br />emergency response groups, church groups, PTSA's, senior centers, citizens groups, etc. <br /> <br />Health, emergency response and safety are a critical priority in establishing connectivity. <br /> <br />What reason would adoption of the submitted connectivity location criteria be beneficial to <br />the PCDP implementation? <br />1. All participates engaging in the process have the same criteria to work from. <br />2. Those joining the process later build upon the efforts of those before them achieving results <br />while honoring the input of those before them. <br />3. Participants, supported by this committee and County planning department will be able to <br />move forward in identifying available connectivity locations. <br />4. Using connectivity criteria a grading system can be established to determine which locations <br />are most viable. <br /> <br /> Additionally this criterion will assist in engaging Science, Technology, Engineering, and <br />Mathematics (STEM) Education students into the PCDP implementation process. <br /> <br /> <br />Connectivity location criteria (clc) <br /> <br />Will this connectivity location (cl) meet the intended goals as reflected in the PCDP? <br />Will this cl provide balanced access to residents relating to ER needs? (fire, ambulance, <br />police? Are they consistent with emergency response grids within communities? Have <br />proposed ER girds that serve all stakeholders been submitted to support this? <br /> Does this cl have any culturally significant sites that might exclude it from consideration? <br /> Does this site have old growth forests, endangered species, or other natural features that <br />might exclude it from consideration? <br /> Will this cl increase the likelihood of youths ability to walk and/or cycle to school? <br /> Will this cl decrease the need for excessive driving? <br /> Is there potential for future Hele on feeder routes using this location? <br /> Is this a flood zone? Are funds available through FEMA, etc. to improve the access at a <br />particular cl? <br /> Does this CL align with other cls? (we are looking for staggered cl’s) <br />People= process <br />Result= product <br /> <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />Stephanie Bath <br />