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A t4 4z H r " rT <br />! 1LL%J1 A 1 cud. 1-AA VV <br />Employment, Workplace Law & Litigation <br />Sue Lee Loy <br />Planner and Legal Assistant <br />November 161, 201 <br />The Honorable BJ I- ithead -Todd, Director <br />;aunty of Hawaii Planning Department <br />1 0 1 Pau hi Street, Suite <br />Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />l F: SUPPLEMENTAI.1 INFORMATION <br />APPLICATION TO AMEND SPECIAL PERMIT N. It] 1 <br />T 4-K ( K (3)1-2-009-0-14 POi , 1-2-038:049 AND 050 <br />Dear Director r Leithead -Todd- <br />Y Er-- ,. <br />ILL <br />Communication No. 2012 -57 <br />n November 14, 2012, my officc noel with Planner Jeff Darrow to provide a preliminary review of the <br />Application to Anie rid Special Permit No. 1122, hereinafter :`Amendm nt.,, During that meet 1n o it Waal <br />decided that supplemental inf rmation would be pr pared to discuss in oreater detail the operations of <br />each of the proposed uses outlined in the Amendment. To satisfy the request for supplemental <br />lernental <br />1 l� � p p <br />t n fo rm ation the attached, Appendix A, has been prepare d for your rep #le i}. <br />In addition a Revised Site Plan prescrifinc,y the proposed parking layout and ld ntifrying the areas of th <br />proposed kitchen and fillUre classroom for the project have been prepared to assist the department with <br />Y <br />k <br />the rev1CW. <br />hA <br />h Old You have any questions, please feel free to call my office at 933-1919. <br />r <br />r _ <br />H.S. 1 -Irt L, =f <br />osz���7 <br />P. . B is 4 2- 1 7 Hi[c), Hawaii 96720 Ph(2)ne= (808) 960-3156 E -mail: t d( tedh rig1aw- or <br />