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Communication No. 2012 -54 <br />DRAFT /Dtaylor: 08 Nov 2012 <br />Summary for Volcano Long Range Plan <br />The Volcano Long Range Plan (VLRP) is a plan for action. It is the vision expressed by dozens of <br />residents, made in hundreds of hours of small and large group meetings during the preparation <br />of the Puna Community Development Plan (PCDP) during the early 1990s. whereas the PCDP <br />expresses in a conceptual context the vision for longterm development of the Puna District, <br />along with its several communities, the VLRP applies to the Volcano community. It delineates <br />goals, objectives, and actions that are intended to move the community forward in LAND AND <br />RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, GROWTH MANAGEMENT, AND TRANSPORTATION DEVELOPMENT. <br />This draft VLRP derives substantially from previous plans, notably the VISION 20/20 Plan, and <br />the Immediate predecessor, the Volcano Plan, neither of which was approved by the Planning <br />Department or the County Council. This VLRP will ultimately be submitted for approval as <br />County Ordinance by County Council, during the coming year. It is aligned with the PCDP, <br />which is in effect under County Ordinance. The VLRP was previously an accurate reflection of <br />the community vision for the long term. Now it is essential that we re- capture community <br />consensus and incorporate any new ideas and developments and that these are written into <br />the final draft. <br />Two important proposals are emphasized in this draft VLRP: <br />• Steal Design District designation for the commercial and historic center of the village <br />• Special District Overly designation for the entire community as a Transition Zone <br />component of the International Biosphere Reserve status enjoyed by the Hawaii <br />Volcanoes National Park <br />Other activities addressed in the draft VLRP include: <br />• Environmental quality and natural resources conservation <br />• Historic preservation and education <br />• Land use <br />• Agriculture and economic development <br />• Commercial growth <br />• Medical and social services <br />• Recreation, public health, safety, and sanitation <br />Public transportation, roadway management, pedestrian and cycle travel <br />Proposed action projects: <br />• Protect the native forest, cultural and historic features and sites from inappropriate <br />development <br />• Ensure that tourism is compatible with historic and natural resources conservation <br />• Establish a Special Design District Review committee <br />• Expand the area zone for commercial development <br />