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<br /> <br />Communication No. 2012-51 <br />Draft/Dtaylor Letter for Planning Director from AC: RE Aguinaldo4 re-zone application <br /> <br />Memorandum <br /> <br />Date: November 21, 2012 <br /> <br />To: Planning Director, through PCDP Program Manager <br /> <br />From: Dan Taylor, Chair, PCDP AC <br /> <br />Subject: Change of zone Application No. (REZ 12-000159) <br /> Applicant: Aguinaldo 4, LLC <br /> Request: RS-10 to CV-20 <br /> TMK: 1-5-003:037 <br /> <br />A subcommittee of the AC, consisting of four members, is divided on our recommendation to you <br />concerning subject change of zone application. We are pleased to collaborate with the Pahoa Regional <br />Town Center Plan Steering Committee, whose counsel we respect highly, and whose recommendation <br />bears resemblance to ours. If only technical planning issues are considered, our decision would <br />unequivocally be to deny the application. <br /> <br />The application by Anguinaldo4 proposes to change land use zone designation from residential (RS-10) <br />to Commercial (CV-20.) Aguinaldo proposes to develop a medical facility on 1.5 acres, on a parcel with a <br />long history of family ownership. We would have no problem with this if the parcel were not at the <br />intersection of two main roads, State Highway 130 and Country Road 132. Planning Department <br />protocols and the Puna Community Development Plan, intend to avoid enabling commercial <br />development next to highway corridors, and especially makai-side development along Highway 130. To <br />approve this application would establish a precedent for exceptions, and might set in motion an <br />uncomfortable series of similar applications, leading to endless conflict among community planners, <br />developers, and Planning Department officials. <br /> <br />Other reasons to deny the Aguinaldo4 application recognize a rather awkward traffic flow configuration <br />for persons seeking access to and egress from the proposed facility, a business plan that fails to consider <br />the design strategy of the emerging Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan, a significant lack of infrastructure <br />for a medical facility, and an irrational assessment of the suitability of the designated property for <br />commercial zoning. <br /> <br />All members the Action Committee, as well as those of the PRTCP Steering Committee, laud Mr <br />Aguinaldo for his vision for a medical center as a legacy of his family’s devotion to Pahoa Town, as well <br />as his passion for the future of his home town. There are many reasons to encourage the development <br />of a medical center, especially one that is initiated by a prominent and successful citizen who has roots <br />in Pahoa Town. We encourage Mr Aguinaldo to seek an alternative site in Pahoa, where a medical <br />facility might be more appropriate, and where it might prosper and grow. We ardently hope County and <br />State officials would facilitate such an alternative. <br /> <br />Sincerely, <br />Dan Taylor, Chair, PCDP Action Committee <br /> <br />