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SPECIAL PERMIT APPLICATION <br />COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />PLANNING DEPARTMENT <br />(Type or Print the requested information) <br />APPLICANT Matthew W. Castro <br />OEPARThPp T <br />1 + v't (fA�rt iI <br />^-1- r-T ?? P1 2:30 <br />APPLICANT'S SIGNATURE: �" QW�^" —� DATE: ` V1 <br />ADDRESS: 15 -1698a Poni Moi St (29th Ave) Mailing: HC2 Box 6068 <br />Keaau. HI 96749 <br />Keaau, HI 96749 <br />LIST APPLICANT'S INTEREST IF NOT OWNER: House owned by mother Shelley L. Bereman - Benevides <br />TELEPHONE: (Bus.) 966 -9577 (Home) 966 -9577 (Fax) <br />REQUEST: Special PermittApolicationfor Certified Cold Kitchen <br />TAX MAP KEY: 150331300000 ZONING: A -1 <br />AREA OF PROPERTY /AREA OF REQUESTED USE 2000 square feet <br />LANDOWNER: Shelley L. Bereman - Benevides <br />LANDO %VNER'SSIGNA "fURE:(40XYF i(O W g-gg 94i(.(JlU /D/J DATE: T <br />(May be by letter) <br />LANDOWNER'S ADDRESS: 331 Ainako Ave, Hilo,.Hawaii 96720 <br />AGENT: <br />ADDRESS: <br />TELEPHONE: (Bus.) <br />(Fax) <br />Please indicate to whom original correspondence and copies should be sent to: <br />ORIGINAL County Planning Division COPIES: Board Members <br />081790 <br />