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<br />To : Puna Community Development Plan Action Committee\ <br />Re: Connectivity Priority (Connectivity Location Criteria) <br /> <br />Aloha Chairman Taylor and AC committee, <br /> <br />I am writing to you on behalf of the Connectivity location (cl) criteria talk story group of upper Puna. <br /> <br />Our group stems from the Puna Mauka talk story group. Our membership includes Puna Mauka <br />residents living from Kurtistown to Volcano. Our membership is multigenerational including elementary <br />school students to retired seniors. <br /> <br />The PCDP identifies health, safety and transportation among key issues of implementation. They are <br />echoed through our plan. Although connectivity addresses these issues it has gotten little attention at <br />the AC level. We see this as a top priority. <br /> <br />We have come up with a list of connectivity location criteria. <br />We are hopeful that you will adopt this as the AC sanctioned criteria. Once embraced by this committee <br />the criteria can be taken out to community groups for their review and used in determining the most <br />appropriate proposed site for cl in our community. The same criteria applied to Mauka/Makai Puna <br />during the PCDP discussion as the document was being created. <br /> <br /> <br />Connectivity location criteria. <br /> <br />Does the connectivity location (cl) have any old growth forests, endangered <br />species/habitats, or other natural features that would exclude it from consideration? <br /> Managed growth 3.1.1 Goals a. Puna retains a rural character while it protects its native natural and <br />cultural resources. <br /> PARKS AND RECREATION 3.5.1 Goals, a. Puna offers a variety of public recreational areas, reflecting the <br />beauty and diversity of the natural setting…. <br />HIGHWAYS 4.4.1 Goals, b. Highway design is more aesthetically pleasing and compatible with the natural <br />and rural character of Puna. <br />Does this cl have any culturally significant sites that might exclude it from consideration? <br /> <br />. <br /> Managed growth3.1.1 Goals, a. Puna retains a rural character while it protects its native natural and cultural resources <br /> <br /> Will this connectivity location (cl) meet the intended goals as reflected in the PCDP? <br /> Numerous references <br /> <br />Does the cl align with other cl’s? (staggered cls are the goal) <br />, <br />4.3 ROADWAY4.3.3 Actionsa. Short Term (2008-2012),5) Create connectivity alignments between the following <br />subdivisions: Hawaiian Acres and Fern Acres, Fern Acres and Kopua Farm Lots, Eden Rock and Fern Forest, Orchidland <br />and Hawaiian Acres, Nānāwale and Hawaiian Shores, Hawaiian Beaches and HPP, Kea‘au Agricultural Lots and a site <br />adjacent to Kea‘au Elementary School, ‘Ōhi‘a Estates and Royal Hawaiian Estates. These inter-subdivision roads should <br /> <br />be staggered, low-impact, and multi-modal. The general locations are indicated as ovals in Figure 4-1. <br /> <br /> Will this cl provide balanced access to residents relating to ER needs? (Fire, ambulance, police? <br /> Are they consistent with emergency response grids within communities? <br />Managed growth <br /> 3.3.1 Goals a. Puna residents have improved access to emergency and primary medical care and <br />preventive public health programs <br />PUBLIC SAFETY AND SANITATION SERVICES3.4.1 Goals, a. All residents have an equitable level of service access to <br />police, fire, and paramedical services. , a. Provide additional locations for emergency services to reduce the response <br />time to a larger percentage of residents. <br />4.3 ROADWAY NETWORK a. There are adequate emergency and evacuation routes and connectivity throughout Puna’s <br />roadway network. , b. Improvements are phased so that short-term actions support and lead toward projects that will take <br />a longer time to implement. , c. Roadways are pedestrian and bicycle friendly. , d. Traffic congestion and traffic-related <br />health risks are reduced. <br />Communication No. 2012-44 <br /> <br />