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Planning Your Trip to Court <br />Most witnesses naturally feel nervous about <br />appearing in court because they do not know <br />what to expect. You may have questions 'about <br />transportation, child care, directions as to <br />where to go and v%hat time to appear, witness <br />fees, etc. . <br />Your Victim Assistance Counselor will be <br />happy to provide you with information and <br />support to help make you feel confident about <br />the experience of testifying in court. The sole <br />purpose of the counselor is to help you. <br />The Trial <br />In many felony cases, the only contact <br />witnesses have with the prosecutors comes at <br />the pretrial interview and at the trial. Normally, <br />when the trial date has been set, you will be <br />notified by a subpoena - a formal written order <br />from the court to appear. After receiving the <br />subpoena, immediately call the Deputy <br />Prosecutor whose name appears on the <br />subpoena. <br />You should be aware that a subpoena is an <br />order of the court and serious penalties can <br />occur for your failure to appear as directed on <br />that subpoena. Check your subpoena for the <br />exact time at which you should appear. If for <br />any reason you are unable to appear as the <br />subpoena directs, you should immediately <br />notify the Deputy Prosecutor or the Victim <br />Witness Counselor who is working with your <br />case. <br />COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />is <br />* -1 <br />OF Np <br />EVERYTHING YOU <br />ALWAYS WANTED' <br />� TO KNOW ABOUT... <br />OFFICE OF THE <br />PROSECUTING ATTORNEY <br />East Hawaii Unit West Hawaii Unit <br />655 Kilauea Ave. 81 -890 Halekii St.#150 <br />Hilo, Hawaii 96720 Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750 <br />Phone 934 -3306 Phone 322 -2552 <br />Victim <br />Assio'stAiicc <br />Pro5r,xm <br />DEPUTY PROSECUTOR <br />VICTIM/WITNESS COUNSELOR <br />'� L <br />, 'C'.4_n <br />Is <br />MO <br />Testifying <br />