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HOW DO 1 DOCUMENT MY <br />RESTITUTION LOSSES FOR <br />THE COURT? <br />To ensure accurate and complete restitution orders, <br />you, as a victim of crime, are required to document <br />and verify your losses in writing —to the degree <br />possible —for the court. <br />The timely submission of your restitution documen- <br />tation is very important so that the prosecutor can <br />request restitution and the judge can order it. <br />The Hawai'i Restitution Documentation Form that. <br />accompanies this- brochure can help you consider, <br />document, and total your financial losses. <br />Sometimes, it can be, difficult to accurately docu- <br />ment your losses. The information below is designed, <br />to think about the best way to document <br />your losses. <br />Documentation and verification may include: <br />• Copies of bills or statements for services that <br />verify your crime- related losses (any receipts or <br />cancelled checks). <br />• Employer statements that verify lost earnings <br />resulting from the crime and your income history <br />(pay stubs or income tax records). <br />• Copies of bills or statements front your physician <br />for crime - related medical expenses. <br />Verification of any insurance, motor vehicle <br />insurance, or worker's compensation claims <br />sUbmitted and /or claims payments you have <br />received. <br />• Copies of insurance claims and related corre- <br />spondence between you and your insurance <br />company, as'well as copies of any checks you <br />may have received to cover losses. <br />RESTITUTION <br />HOW CAN MY RESTITUTION IN HAWAII <br />ORDER BE CONVERTED TO FOR VIOLENT CRIMES <br />A CIVIL ORDER? , <br />Your restitution order can be enforced in the same <br />manner as a civil judgment and is subject to all rele- <br />vant civil collection remedies, such as a lien on the <br />defendant's property. <br />Simply file your, certified or exemplified restitution <br />order from any Hawai'i criminal court with the r <br />office of any Clerk of Court at no cost to you —there <br />is no filing fee. <br />FOR MORE INFORMATION <br />If you have any questions or need further assistance <br />after reading this brochure, please contact <br />Prosecutor's Office <br />Honolulu (808) 768 -7400 <br />Maui (808) 270 -7777 <br />Kauai (808) 241 -1888 <br />Hilo f808) 961 -0466 <br />Kona (808) 322 -2552 <br />Victim Witness Assistance Program <br />Honolulu (808) 768 -7401 <br />Maui (808) 270 -7695 <br />Kauai (808) 24,1 -1888 <br />Hilo (808) 934 -3306 <br />Kona'(808) 322 -2552 <br />The project was supported by Award No. 2005 -VA -CX -0046 awarded by <br />the Office for Victims of Crime, Office ofjustice Programs. The opinions, <br />findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publica- <br />tion /program /exhibition are those of the author(s) and Flo not necessarily <br />reflect the views of the Department of Justice. <br />10.200avi <br />