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<br />Harry Kim Christopher J. Yuen <br />Director <br />Mayor <br />Brad Kurokawa, <br />TM <br />ASLA, LEED AP <br />Deputy Director <br />County of Hawaii <br />PLANNING DEPARTMENT <br />Aupuni Center 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3 Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />Phone (808) 961-8288 Fax (808) 961-8742 <br /> November 28, 2008 <br />TO: ALL PLANNING DEPARTMENT STAFF, MAYOR, INCOMING <br /> ADMINISTRATION, COUNTY COUNCIL, PLANNING COMMISSION <br />FROM: CHRISTOPHER J. YUEN <br /> PLANNING DIRECTOR <br />SUBJECT: REVIEW OF THE LAST EIGHT YEARS IN COUNTY PLANNING <br />At the culmination of the eight years of the Harry Kim administration, it is useful to look back at <br />these years from the perspective of the Planning Department. We in the Planning Department <br />naturally tend to focus on the day-to-day issues and controversies, and on pending applications. <br />Planning is a future-oriented job and sometimes we get too busy to review what we have <br />accomplished. The past eight years have been a period in which the Planning Department, with <br />the cooperation and help of other County departments, the Mayor, and the Council, and with the <br />help and sometimes prodding of the public, has been a part of many major accomplishments. In <br />some of these, other County departments or the Council were the lead actor, but in all, the <br />Planning Department was a major contributor. <br />Long-Range Planning. <br />The past eight years have seen an unprecedented level of long-range planning produced by the <br />Planning Department. <br />The Council enacted the new General Plan enacted in February 2005, with further <br />amendments in 2006, culminating several years of effort. <br />High points of the 2005 General Plan include: the prior General Plan had supported new <br />coastal resorts in many areas. The 2005 General Plan focuses development in the areas <br />which are already partially built, and eliminated coastal resorts near Spencer Park, <br />Honaunau, Honokohau, and Pohue Bay. It also established the “important ag lands” <br />designation, and created enhanced coastal setbacks at Kealakekua Bay to Keopuka, <br />Kohanaiki, and O’oma. <br />Hawaiçi County is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer <br /> <br />