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County of Hawaii <br />West Hawaii Civic Center <br />74 -5044 Ane Keohokalole Highway <br />Department <br />WHCC Location <br />WHCC Phone # <br />Aging <br />Building B, 1st Floor <br />323 -4390 <br />Building <br />Building E, 1st Floor <br />323 -4720 <br />County Council <br />Building A <br />323 -4260 <br />Elderly Activities Division <br />Building B, 1st Floor <br />323 -4320 <br />Driver Licensing <br />Building C, 1st Floor <br />323 -4800 <br />Elections <br />Building B, 2nd Floor <br />323 -4400 <br />Engineering <br />Building D, 1st Floor <br />323 -4850 <br />Environmental Mngmt <br />Building D, 1st Floor <br />323 -4411 <br />Fire Inspectors <br />Building E, 2nd Floor <br />323 -4760 <br />General Services <br />Building F <br />323 -4366 <br />Human Resources <br />Building B, 1st Floor <br />323 -4424 <br />Information Technology <br />Building F <br />323 -HELP <br />Liquor <br />Building B, 2nd Floor <br />323 -4370 <br />Mayors Office <br />Building C, 2nd Floor <br />323 -4444 <br />Motor Vehicle <br />Building C, 1st Floor <br />323 -4818 <br />Office of Housing & Community <br />Development <br />Building B,2 d Floor <br />323 -4300 <br />Parks and Recreation Administration <br />(Permits) <br />Building B, 1st Floor <br />323 -4322 <br />Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection <br />Building C, 1st Floor <br />323 -4811 <br />Planning <br />Building E, 2nd Floor <br />323 -4770 <br />Real Property Tax <br />Building D, 2nd Floor <br />323 -4880 <br />Research & Development <br />Building C, 2nd Floor <br />323 -4700 <br />Transit <br />Building C, 1st Floor <br />323 -4430 <br />Pubhc <br />p Photo <br />Voltaic <br />County <br />LL E Parking <br />N <br />H <br />ti <br />4 m$'_' Ewe Public <br />— Parking <br />B <br />Ane Keohokalole Highway <br />