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STATE OF HAWAI'I <br /> HAWAII CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION <br /> Princess Ke elikolani Building,830 Punchbowl Street, Room 411, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 <br /> { INSTRUCTION SHEET AND CHECKLIST FOR <br /> G•ir�iRtiA¢ REAL PROPERTY TRANSACTION PRE-COMPLAINT QUESTIONNAIRE <br /> HAWA/Y CIVIL RIGHTS COMM/SS/ON PRE-COMPLA/NT INSTRUCTIONSAND CHECKLIST <br /> REAL PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS <br /> This information is provided to help you decide whether or not your real property transaction problem can be handled by <br /> the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission (HCRC). IT IS NOT MEANT TO DISCOURAGE YOU FROM FILING A COMPLAINT. <br /> If you have difficulty understanding these instructions or have any questions, call the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission <br /> office at 586-8636(Voice), 586-8692(TDD)or 586-8655(FAX). If you are on the Neighbor Islands, call toll free by dialing: <br /> Kauai: 274-3141 (ext. 6-8636#); Maui: 984-2400(ext. 6-8636#); Hawai'i: 974-4000(ext. 6-8636#); Lana'i&Moloka'i: <br /> 1-800-468-4644(ext. 6-8636#). <br /> Enclosed is a Pre-Complaint Questionnaire. Please fill it out and return it as soon as possible.You will then be called to set <br /> up an appointment for an interview with Commission staff. If you are not called within 30 days after you return it to us, <br /> please call us.At this interview be prepared to provide the staff with information and bring any documents you have which <br /> will help us to understand your problem. IF YOU DO NOT SEND IN A COMPLETED PRE-COMPLAINT QUESTIONNAIRE <br /> YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN APPOINTMENT. If you have a specific problem, such as a language difficulty,that makes it <br /> hard for you to fill out the Pre-Complaint Questionnaire, please call us. <br /> WARNING--YOUR RETURN OF A COMPLETED PRE-COMPLAINT QUESTIONNAIRE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE <br /> FILING OF A COMPLAINT--YOU MUST STILL FILE AN OFFICIAL COMPLAINT WHICH A COMMISSION STAFF <br /> PERSON CAN ASSIST YOU WITH AFTER YOUR INTERVIEW. <br /> SECTION I We can only take complaints of ille aI discrimination. This means the unfair treatment about which you are <br /> complaining must have happened because of one or more of the reasons listed below: <br /> Your race Harassment because of your race,sex, <br /> Your sex religious beliefs, etc. <br /> Your sexual orientation Because you reported a violation of any <br /> Your religious beliefs law that CRC enforces(retaliation). <br /> Your color Because you participated in any way in <br /> Your ancestry/national origin an investigation, hearing or other <br /> Your familial status proceeding conducted by the Civil <br /> Your marital status Rights Commission. <br /> Your HIV Infection <br /> Your age <br /> Your disability <br /> The Commission does not handle any unfair treatment that is not due to one or more of the above reasons. <br /> SECTION II <br /> It is not easy to prove discrimination. In order to file a complaint,you must have information to explain why you believe the <br /> unfair treatment was because of one or more of the reasons listed in Section I.When we investigate your case,we need <br /> either direct evidence(racial slurs,sexist slurs, harassment)or we need to find evidence that you were treated differently <br /> in comparison to individuals not of your race, sex, or whatever reason(s)on which you are basing your complaint. <br /> For example, if you are Black and were evicted for being late in your rental payment,we probably cannot prove <br /> discrimination unless we find that non-Blacks were also late in their rental payments but were not evicted. In some kinds of <br /> cases,such as religious discrimination or disability status discrimination,the key evidence may take other forms. <br /> Visit our Website at for ALL interactive and downloadable forms. <br /> (Rev. 10/05) <br />