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MASS TRANSPORTATION AGENCY <br /> COUNTY OF HAWAII <br /> STATE OF HAWAII <br /> RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE MASS TRANSPORTATION AGENCY <br /> RULE 69 <br /> RULES AND REGULATIONS RELATING TO TAXICABS <br /> Rule 69.1 Purpose of Rules <br /> These rules and regulations are intended to clarify and implement the provisions of <br /> Chapter 18,Hawaii County Code,relating to public transportation. <br /> Rule 69.2 Definitions <br /> For the purpose of these rules and regulations,the following terms,phrases,words and <br /> their derivations shall have the meaning given herein.. When not inconsistent with the context, <br /> words used in the present tense include the future,words in the plural number include the <br /> singular number,and words in the singular number include the plural number. The word"shall" <br /> is always mandatory and not merely directory. <br /> (a) "Certificate"means a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity issued by the <br /> Hawaii County Transportation Commission. <br /> (b) "Commission"means the Hawaii County Transportation Commission. <br /> (c) "Administrator"means the Transit Administrator of the County of Hawaii or his duly <br /> authorized subordinate. <br /> (d) "Taxi"or"taxicab"means a vehicle designed to carry not more than eight passengers <br /> equipped with a taximeter operated by a taxicab driver,which is used in the movement of <br /> passengers for hire on the public highways and which is directed to a destination by the <br /> passenger for hire or on the passenger's behalf and which operates on call or demand. <br /> (e) "Taxicab company"means any person or entity which holds certificates for one or more <br /> taxicabs,leases motor vehicles to drivers to be used as taxicabs,or which operates a <br /> central dispatch service for one or more taxicabs. <br /> Rule 69.3 Application for Certificate <br />