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oto• <br /> COUNTY OF HAWAII • <br /> jldid <br /> • ��� `�� • <br /> STATE OF HAWAII <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 678 2 0 <br /> A RESOLUTION CALLING UPON ALL TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES <br /> AND PUBLIC UTILITIES OPERATING IN HAWAI`I COUNTY TO CEASE THE <br /> BUILDOUT OF 5G WIRELESS INFRASTRUCTURE UNTIL SUCH TECHNOLOGIES <br /> HAVE BEEN PROVEN THROUGH INDEPENDENT RESEARCH AND TESTING TO <br /> BE SAFE TO HUMAN HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT. <br /> WHEREAS, the telecommunications industry is engaged in a deployment of microwave <br /> and millimeter-wave "small cell" antennas across the County to facilitate the fifth generation of <br /> wireless communications known as 5G; and <br /> WHEREAS, the T-Mobile website is advertising that areas across the State of Hawai i <br /> have 50 coverage; and <br /> WHEREAS, this new technology uses existing wireless infrastructure and new types of <br /> radio-frequency (RF) microwave radiation to transmit large amounts of data, but requires <br /> significantly closer proximity to users, resulting in the dense deployment of antennas near <br /> residences, schools. and hospitals; and <br /> WHEREAS, the deployment of 5G-enabled small cell antennas in our neighborhoods <br /> raises serious questions regarding the potential health and environmental impacts of long-terra <br /> exposure to untested RF microwave radiation frequencies; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Federal Communications Commission has not conducted any long-term <br /> safety testing of new 5G wireless technologies, and has failed to update its human RF microwave <br /> radiation exposure guidelines since 1996, despite being advised to do so by the U.S. General <br /> Accounting Office, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and hundreds of medical and scientific <br /> experts from around the world; and <br /> WHEREAS, telecommunications industry leaders have publicly admitted that they have <br /> not conducted any safety tests to determine the possible adverse health and environmental effects <br /> from exposure to RF microwave radiation emitted by 5G-enabled small cell antennas; and. <br /> WHEREAS, a significant body of published, peer-reg iewed, independent science links <br /> exposure to RF microwave radiation with serious environmental and biological harm, including <br /> increased risk of cancer, reproductive problems, and neurological impairments can be found at <br /> https://www.5gcrisis.coni/scientific-studies; and <br /> WHEREAS, populations especially at risk from this exposure include pregnant women, <br /> children, the elderly, and individuals with implanted medical devices. or cardiac or neurological <br /> problems; and <br />