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<br />Communication No. 2019 - 04 <br />Waikoloa Road / Paniolo Avenue / Pua Melia Street <br /> <br />Update: <br />Waikoloa Highlands and Waikoloa Mauka, developers in Waikoloa, were responsible for the intersection <br />improvement to a Roundabout, dating back near 2 decades ago - Developers had done little work on the <br />timelines for buildout Hawaii Planning Department had given, that included extensions and time <br />expired. In May the Hawaii State Land Use Commission / LCU slated hearings for the d evelopers to <br />come forward for an update/ report on their project. Fou r hearings later, on November 28th , LUC 's final <br />determination on the "Order to Show Cause " found that neither progress n or future plans for the <br />development were even existing and reverted their zoning from Rural back to Ag. I reviewed numerous <br />exhibit s t he developers submitted and found R.M. Towill (engineering firm) was paid, by the developers, <br />for engineering plans sent to Public Works back in 2007, requesting comment/approval of said <br />"roundabout". I have requested, and am awaiting a reply from PW to locate submitted plans, possibly <br />review them for future consideration , to save the County money to reinvent this matter, or possibly use <br />as a tool/documentation for CIP or find a County Budget line item for a "traffic calming" road project to <br />get this done . Impacts soon to be affecting this intersection include the groundbreaking and <br />construction of Waikoloa Plaza in the coming months, $1.8MM State approved land funding for a Library <br />is also on this parcel. HELCO has solicited bid on a 250 acre solar farm 2 miles southeast of this <br />intersection, quite likely if approved will begin sometime in 2019, Goodfellows has a requested a permit <br />for a concrete/asphalt batching plant be constructed at their baseyard, makai of intersection, which will <br />increase heavy equ ipment as well as truck traffic. And the long awaited Hilo landfill closure this year, <br />anticipate s many more dump trucks; County and private; also passing through the intersection. Since <br />DKI opened to Mamalahoa Highway in 2013/2014 Waikoloa Road has becom e a major thoroughfare of <br />East/West traffic heading to Kawaihae, resorts and Queen Ka'ahumanu to Kona adding burden to <br />Waikoloa Road / Intersection as well . County Police have provided "Traffic Counters" for dual directions <br />for Waikoloa Road and Paniolo Avenue and have set off alarm for Tim Richards and County Police were <br />also surprised at the numbers. Accident/incident reports were received from Hawaii State DOT as well <br />as Hawaii County Traffic department as research on this intersection as well. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />