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Communication No. 2018-23 <br />From: Janice Glennie > <br />Subject: EA comments: Mats4 proposed commercial development at NELHA <br />Date: June 7, 2018 at 6:29:39 PM HST <br />To:, <br />Cc: holly kersten >, stuart coleman <br />Aloha, <br />First we'd like to ask that there be additional time provided for the public to comment on this <br />proposal's EA since the contact for the deciding agency was not listed in the publication notice. <br />The proposed Matsuyama (Mats4) commercial center will set a poor precedent which, if <br />approved, would undermine over a decade of Smart Growth planning being undertaken in North <br />and South Kona. Beside writing today on behalf of the Surfrider Foundation's Kona Kai Ea <br />chapter with our concerns regarding this proposal, I, as a Surfrider rep for over a decade, have <br />been directly involved in the Kona Community Development Plan (KCDP) since its inception <br />almost 15 years ago, first as a member of the original Steering Committee and then the Action <br />Committee on which I currently serve. Surfrider Kona Kai Ea members have deep concerns <br />about the impact this development could have on regional land use planning including the <br />environmental threats it poses. As a group whose focus is to help protect our island's waters and <br />aquifer, Surfrider's Kona Kai Ea chapter strongly supports Smart Growth planning as a way to <br />protect those waters, especially from avoidable negative impacts. <br />Some of the many reasons this proposal is ill-conceived and should be given a permit include, <br />but are not limited to, the following: <br />• Mats5 proposed project will undermine the KCDP and contribute to sprawl. <br />• As in Dallas, Tucson and other sprawled cities, this proposed development sets a poor <br />precedent for linear, unplanned development on a frontage road meant to ease rather than <br />create traffic by providing space for safe bike paths and access to shoreline not <br />increased development. <br />• Project sets a poor precedent of developer -driven, non -planning that our region has been <br />working hard to leave behind. <br />• In the KCDP, planned, smart growth "villages" (TODs and TNDs) are meant to replace <br />car -dependent development as a way to decrease regional traffic burdens and use of fossil <br />fuels, meanwhile increasing opportunities for healthy living including walking and bike - <br />riding. <br />• Commercial centers are meant to be developed within planned "villages" (TODs and <br />TNDs), not outside as this one would be. <br />• A commercial center outside of a planned TOD/TND nearby would compete financially <br />with and could even undermine the viability of conforming commercial entities which <br />includes nearby planned developments like Palamanui. <br />• Mats4 Plan ignores stakeholder input into the KCDP (an ordinance) where thousands of <br />stakeholder comments weighed in at 90% asking that no more development be allowed <br />makai of Queen Ka' ahumanu Highway. <br />