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KCDP 2018-19 Action Priority Table Communication No. 2018-21 <br />KCDP Priority KCDP Section Page CIP <br />Votes/Dots <br />Affordable, workforce and low- <br />income housing. <br />Chapter 4.5 Housing <br />4-81 <br />11. Micro -Unit Housing <br />12/13. Ulu Wini Facility <br />Improvements/Park <br />Kahului-Keauhou Parkway <br />"Ali'i Drive Bypass" <br />4.1.2 Transportation Overall Strategy <br />4-5 <br />TRAN-6.2: Prioritized Road <br />4-22 <br />Action T -6.2a <br />4-22 <br />Table 4-1 Concurrency Table 30A & <br />4-23 <br />Previously allotted <br />Collaborate with State and <br />private business organizations <br />and land owners on their <br />projections for growth in Kona <br />to understand county's <br />responsibilities to mitigate <br />potential negative impacts. <br />Guiding Principle 8: Promoting <br />effective governance <br />3-3 <br />Work with DLNR on governor's <br />Guiding Principle 1: Protect Kona's <br />natural resources and culture <br />3-1 <br />ENV -1.12: Water Quality Monitoring <br />30 by 30 initiative. System <br />ENV -1.13: Environmental Resource <br />Management Education <br />Promote/incentivize higher <br />value less destructive business <br />models for Kona. Tourism is not <br />the only option. <br />Increase community <br />participation. Have more <br />meetings in the community. <br />4-67 <br />4-68 <br />Chapter 4.8 Economic Development <br />4-123 <br />Kona CDP Vision Statement <br />3-1 <br />Have Open Space network in <br />place including working <br />definition and guidelines for <br />Green Belt. <br />4.3.2 Overall Strategy 2 <br />4-53 <br />Objective ENV -2: Open Space Network <br />4-68 <br />(and associated policies) <br />22. Open Space Network <br />Plan <br />Create alternative <br />transportation opportunities <br />including dedicated bike lanes, <br />sidewalks, and trails connecting <br />mauka/makai open/green space, <br />parks, schools, etc. <br />Objective TRAN-3 Multi -Modal System <br />4-17 <br />(and associated policies) <br />