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Communication No. 2018-16 <br />County of Hawaii <br />Mass Transit Agency <br />Transit Master Plan <br />Recommendations for Kailua-Kona <br />Current transit service within Kona is complicated. Kona is served by the North Kohala-Waimea-Kailua-Kona Route 75 (1 roundtrip), the Pahala to South Kohala Resorts Route 90 (3 roundtrips), the Hilo-Kona Routes 1 and 2 (3 roundtrips) and the Intra-Kona Route 201. The Intra-Kona Route incorporates the trips of the other three routes into its schedule. Tiempoints or major locations in the greater Kona area are served intermittently. There is no single locaiton in Kona where an intending passenger can access tthe various routes and ind information on the system. <br />Kona continues to grow. The Kona and Hilo Districts currently provide almost the same number of jobs for County residents. By 2040, Kona will provide 25 percent more jobs than Hilo. Residential and commercial development is expected to continue contributing to further congestion and commute times. For example, Kamakana Villages is a 2,330-home project being developed along Palani Road and Anekeohokalole Highway (which will be served by Route 203). Developing a transit system focused on Kona will provide an alternative for residents and visitors alike. <br />Four routes comprise the proposed hub and spoke system for Kona centered at the new Transit Hub; Routes 201, 202, 203, and 204. These routes will connect with regional routes (green and blue lines, routes 1 and 2, 75 and 90) for passengers to continue their trips at the new Transit Hub. Instead of one route providing a myriad of routing possibilitis, a system approach allows the routes to expand with continuing development. <br />Kona Service Area. <br />Picture of a map of the North Kona area, showing a Transit hub in the old industrial/old airport area with spokes (transit routes) leading out various directions along highways. <br />