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From: Steve Lopez <br />To: Planning - Kona <br />Cc: <br />Subject: KCDP Action Committee <br />Date: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 6:50:28 PM <br /> <br /> <br />Aloha KCDP Action Committee et. al., <br />Understanding that you are in the midst of reviewing proposed changes submitted by the <br />Administration, I request your consideration of my case relative to my desire to subdivide. I <br />believe I am presently stymied due to the current language in the KCDP regarding concurrency <br />and the area my property maps into the KCDP. In 2012 I purchased a 1 acre AG zoned lot on <br />Nani Kailua Road mauka of Heinaloli Road. This is a development of 37 1 acre ag lots. The <br />lower 9 lots (7,8,9,10, 11,12,13,14 and 21) were marketed by the developer and supported in <br />our CC&R’s as lots eligible for subdivision the other 28 lots are not. <br />A few years have passed and lots 9 and 10 were recently denied subdivision by Hawaii County <br />Planning due to the provisions of the KCDP and zoning. This obviously took the air out of us <br />owning these 9 lots for any future plans we may have envisioned. I am lot 8 or TMK 75-94-12 <br />and thus the 3rd 1 acre lot mauka of Heinaloli Road on the north side of Nani Kailua Drive. <br />Heinaloli Road is an old train trestle path crossing Nani Kailua Drive to a dead end and Nani <br />Kailua Drive dead ends at the top of our subdivision, Ka Aina Pono. The section of Nani Kailua <br />Drive within our subdivision is private to us and not maintained by the County. <br />I can only speak for myself in this request of your consideration to amend the KCDP, as you <br />are in process, in its restrictions that would allow me to subdivide my lot. All other provision <br />of water and CC&R’s are already provided. <br />Mahalo for your consideration. <br />Respectfully, <br />Stephen D Lopez <br />75-473 Nani Kailua Dr <br />808.938.8949 <br />Communication No. 2018-14