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Communication No. 2018-13 <br />Aloha Planners and KCDP AC members, <br />Mahalo to everyone who worked on these amendments, particularly the subcommittee, Roy <br />Takamoto, and Nancy Pisicchio. I implicitly trust the intentions and commitment of Nancy and <br />Roy and their continued desire to make the KCDP succeed, and I appreciate them taking the time <br />to attend the last AC meeting. It was especially enlightening to hear from Roy how certain <br />changes could be devastating to the community's desire to have infrastructure in place before <br />more development continues, and I'm grateful to see a reversal of that proposed change. It was <br />also inspiring to hear Nancy reiterate the idea of reaching out to community members for <br />assistance to help get parts of the plan implemented, as she's seen done successfully in places <br />like Oahu. I'm also very relieved to see that the "shall" related to maintaining 1000 foot <br />shoreline setbacks has been retained. <br />Encouraging for-profit development isn't AC's kuleana <br />It's not my fear, nor the fear of any of the people I've spoken to in the community over several <br />decades, that North and South Kona are lacking or will be lacking development. North Kona is a <br />deja vu mess of insufficient infrastructure. As has been noted in testimony and public comments, <br />our waste disposal situation is archaic and damaging our nearshore waters and reefs (i.e., <br />damaging public health) at the same time that people sit in wasteful lines of traffic. This won't be <br />alleviated anytime soon, despite Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway being widened as the bottleneck <br />at the south end will continue in foreseeable future. If finishing the new stretch of Queen K <br />highway is used as an excuse to build more dwellings in North or South Kona, it will have been a <br />negative rather than a positive for our region. <br />Protect and create affordable housing <br />North Kona is already bursting at the seams. The only place where lack of development is a <br />concern is for truly affordable housing. As can be seen in recent Oahu headlines and used as a <br />lesson for our County, housing that reverts back to the general real estate pool in10, 20 or even <br />30 years in the future isn't sufficient to help the region's people survive and thrive in the longer <br />term when people continue to depend upon that housing for them and their Keoki. The affordable <br />housing crisis has been exacerbated by short term rentals in residential neighborhoods. That <br />growing situation can and is being addressed by the county council and mayor. Perhaps language <br />that supports a limit to vacation rentals in all but resort -zoned areas should be added to the <br />KCDP. <br />"Shall" vs "May" or "Should" <br />As much as some of the changes from "shall" to "should" or "may" make sense, others could <br />have damaging affect on the KCDP and our region in the long run. That includes limiting the <br />legal ability to grow our regions in a way that embodies the qualities of Smart Growth (i.e., <br />protection of the land, culture, and social health of the North and South Kona regions) which the <br />community assumed would happen under the ordinance. For example, I have reservations <br />regarding these and other proposed amendments: <br />• Changes to Policy TRAN-1.2: proposes switching "shall" to "should" regarding Ane <br />Keohokalole being the main trunk road for transit. This would remove the Transit <br />