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Communication No. 2018-12 <br />March 13, 2018 <br />Mr. Charles Young <br />Chairman, Action Committee <br />Kona CDP <br />Subject: Support for proposed amendments to the Kona CDP <br />Dear Mr. Young and Action Committee Members, <br />Mahalo for this opportunity to participate in the review of the proposed amendments and <br />to participate in the sub -committee deliberations. I wish to express sincere appreciation <br />to the Administration for initiating the process and for honoring the Vision and Guiding <br />Principles of the Kona CDP. I am most thankful for the renewed attention and passion of <br />Nancy Pisicchio and Roy Takemoto in working toward more effective implementation of <br />the Kona CDP, in line with Guiding Principle # 8, to Promote Effective Governance. <br />1 support all the revisions proposed by the sub -committee, especially in LU 1.5 to retain <br />the Priority policy to retain a preference for a 1,000 foot shoreline setback ( a valuable <br />greenbelt component as we also seek to increase density and concentration of future <br />growth) and PUB 4.2 to retain the existing end of the public water system in South Kona <br />( so we do not encourage growth to follow water further south and exacerbate our traffic <br />congestion). <br />I ask that you swiftly approve the sub -committee report and recommend that the <br />Director move the package toward approval in a timely manner. Note the steps to <br />approval: Director's recommendation to the Leeward Planning Commission, with at <br />least one meeting there; then to County Council where the Planning Committee will <br />consider at least once then two readings at the full Council before signature by the <br />Mayor. 1 ask that the Action Committee provide unified support of the amendments at <br />each step and push to complete the process this summer. <br />I will join you through the process. Having been on the original Steering Committee <br />during creation and adoption, I feel partly personally responsible for the intemal <br />impediments the plan created and for its failure in realizing effective governance thus <br />far. I've sat in your chair and continue to support the Kona CDP as an individual <br />member of the community. <br />The revisions of many shall's to should's is helpful, aims to address a narrow <br />perspective of legal implications and was a good start to addressing internal challenges <br />to the implementation. During the sub -committee deliberations, it became clear that <br />1 <br />