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COMMITTEE ON AGING <br />04/15/2019 <br />Purpose: To advise the Mayor and Office of Aging on matters relating to <br />senior citizens. <br />Authority: Hawaii County Charter, Section 4-4, in accordance with Hawaii <br />Revised Statutes, Section 349-9, as amended, and the Older <br />Americans Act of 1965. <br />Appointment: Mayor, no confirmation required. Members are co -terminous <br />with the Mayor. <br />Full Membership: Not less than 15 members appointed by the Mayor. <br />Specific Representation: At least one-half of the members must be age 60 or older. <br />Representatives of elected officials and senior citizen groups or <br />agencies must be included. <br />Requirements: None specified. <br />Meetings: Normally, one meeting per quarter. <br />Financial Disclosure: Not required. <br />Reappointment: Per Mayor's discretion. <br />Qualities: Respected by the community as being community -minded and <br />oriented. Able to focus on the community needs as a whole <br />without catering to special or self-interest. <br />Current Members: (All terms expire December 07, 2020) <br />Chalintorn N. Burian <br />Earl Tanaka <br />Frankie Stapleton <br />George M. Ito <br />Jim Cisler <br />Judith M. Bell <br />Leonor I. Corpuz <br />Lito Asuncion <br />Meizhu Lui <br />Rowena L. Tiqui <br />Ruth Raza <br />Steve Ono <br />Teana Kaho'ohanohano <br />Secretary/Contact Person: Dr. C. Kimo Alameda 961-8600 <br />Attorney Assigned: Malia Hall <br />*The information on this sheet is condensed. For full information, see appropriate <br />Sections of the County Charter, County Code and/or Hawaii Revised Statutes. <br />