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February 15, 2018 <br />Kona Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />c/o County of Hawai'i Planning Department - Michael Yee, Director <br />Email: <br />Welina mai, <br />Communication no. 2018-04 <br />My name is Kawehi Inaba, I am a long-time Kona resident. As a business owner (Founder of Mokulele Airlines, Fit <br />Xpress Hawai'i and Kupa'a Business Planners), former County of Hawai'i Director of Research & Development, <br />strong community supporter and mother of three, I am writing this letter of testimony to respectfully urge the <br />Kona CDP Action Committee to consider holding their meetings at times where more of the community can be <br />present. <br />Though I understand holding the meetings during regular work hours may be more convenient for CDP members, it <br />restricts many of our community members from attending as most people work during the times the meetings are <br />being held. As our kama'aina people become more aware of their kuleana (responsibility) to have a voice in what <br />is taking place within their communities, it is of the utmost importance to provide them the opportunity to do so. <br />Holding your regular meetings in the evening in facilities that are convenient, safe, and familiar to our working <br />families will enable them to attend in order to gain valuable knowledge and share their mana'o (thoughts). I <br />humbly ask the Kona CDP Committee to truly "serve" and "bring government to the people", let's allow "the <br />people" to help shape their communities, take ownership and be a part of the future of their keiki (children) and <br />mo'opuna (grandchildren). <br />I've seen a refreshing shift in the way the people understand their roles as stewards of the land. Please give them <br />the opportunity to be involved in the process. As leaders, you are in a position to create transparency, <br />collaboration and communication. This will create happier people, happier people create happier communities. <br />I thank you for your time and consideration in doing the "right thing" for the people of Kona. Please do not <br />hesitate to contact me for further information and support if needed. <br />Me ka ha'aha'a, <br />Kawehi Inaba <br />CEO & Consultant <br />