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Date: February 21, 2018 <br />To: Kona Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />Re: Community engagement and participation related to Item #6 under Business <br />From: Christina Kemmer, Kona resident <br />Aloha, my name is Christina Kemmer. I am a full time resident of Kona, and live in Keauhou. <br />I thank you for the opportunity to submit written testimony for the committee’s review and <br />consideration. <br />It is my understanding the Kona Community Development Plan (CDP) will undergo a revision <br />process in one year. I am encouraged that there is time to update our community map and <br />plan to integrate the new challenges we face, as the CDP is now 10 years old. <br />New challenges have appeared on our recent horizon which require our communities in Kona <br />to address the impacts of climate change, the required needs for improved infrastructure, <br />revised access to services for health care, education, housing, business, recreation, emergency <br />services and transportation, including a better process for integrating host cultural and Kupuna <br />participation and in-put. <br />Guided by the principals of community building, I am advocating for maximum community <br />outreach, for maximum community in-put where Kona communities live, work, learn and play. <br />Going to community, meeting in facilities convenient for the participants, during meeting times <br />(evenings and weekends) that work for the communities we are trying to reach, hear and ask <br />for recommendations and support. <br />I hope the planned strategies and technologies being used to reach our diverse Kona <br />communities are more inclusive, intergenerational, and multi-cultural, - including those who <br />farm, work full time, are raising families, in school during the day, and especially our next <br />generation of leaders - millennials and generation z. <br />Thank your reading this testimony, and thank you for your service to community. <br />Christina Kemmer <br />Communication No. 2018-06