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Kona Community Develop plan Action Committee <br />Sub-committee on Proposed Amendments Review <br />Report <br />February 21, 2018 <br /> <br />Aloha Madame Chair, <br />Your sub-committee met on several occasions to review the proposed amendments to the KCDP. The recommendations are included in "Exhibit A" provided to this Action Committee. Members of the Action Committee that attended were Shirley David, Hiram Rivera, and Charlie Young. Community participation included Allen Salavea, Bill Moore, Gerorge Robertson, Ken Melrose, Max Newberg, Riley Smith and Roger Harris. From the Mayor's office, Nancy Pisicchio and Councilwoman Karen Eoff along with County staff Keola Childs, April Surprenant, and mahalo to Heather Bartlett for scribing. <br />Attached is the document "Exhibit A" with your sub-committee's recommendations. Majority of the discussions and amendments were made based on the areas recommended for review and how to keep it relevant and/or consistent throughout the document. There were a few occasions that arose wehre the subcommittee identified language beyond the proposed amendments that may justify a future process to "clean up" and even re-writing some areas, however your sub-committee recommends to the Action Committee to approach the document with the original recommendations that was originally provided and to address other proposals separately. This sub-committee respectfully submits the follown recommendations to this Action Committee for erview. (see attached "Exhibit A") <br />I would like to express a mahalo to all those that participated in this sub-commitee for their hard work and dedication. <br />Request for Action: <br />Should the Action Committee feel that we have completed the task at hand, I would like to move that we expire this sub-committe, and if need to, place it on the next agenda. <br />Respectfully Submitted, <br />[signed] <br />Shane Palacat-Nelsen <br />Chair, Sub-Committee on Amendments