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Kona Community Development Plan Ten Year Update <br /> <br />I propose the following change: <br />Section Growth Management and Enviromental Quality Policy PUB_4.2 <br />"In recognition that the extension of the County water system south beyond the limit of Hookena would increase growth pressures to convert Agricultural land to urban uses, the South Kona County water system shall not be extended further South". <br />This statemnet is both illogical and detrimental to agricultural development in South Kona. Urban use is designated by the State Land Use Commission. Re-zoning agricultural properties does not rely on water availability. Developers need County and State Re-zoning. <br />Expanding the County water system incrementally south through mostly ag zoned properties would allow farmers and ranchers to develop reliable and profitable agricultural opportunities. <br />Als, I propose creating a position in the Dept of Water supply that would assist farmers in creating engineered water systems to the mauka farms of North and South Kona . <br />Water is a key element in any agricultural endeavor. If you want to limit urban growth, zoning laws are more appropriate. <br />Mahalo <br />[signed] Arnold Rabin