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Communication no. 2017-10 <br />Minutes of the SKTSC Meeting - 9/12/2017 <br />The meeting was called to order at 4:04 PM <br />Officers present: James Hustace <br />Minutes of the August meeting were approved with a motion by David Tarnas and a <br />2nd from Ken Block. Vote was unanimous. <br />Announcements from the Chair: <br />1. Feedback from the Community Priorities Survey allowed for the SKTSC <br />mailing list to grow by another 200 recipients. <br />2. SKTSC recently commented on the Waimea Town Center Plan as proposed by <br />Parker Ranch to the County of Hawaii. The submitted letter was built from <br />comments and concerns heard at past SKTSC meetings, and from emails that <br />were received during the comment period from community members. <br />Comment period ended on 9/7/17. <br />Treasurer's Report: <br />1. Nothing new to report. <br />2. Marianne reported a balance of $157.45 at the August meeting. <br />Subcommittee Reports: <br />County: <br />1. Chair reported: <br />a. Mana Road to Mud Lane: Project is going out to bid in November or <br />even sooner. Project timeline is from Spring 2018 to Fall 2019. <br />Federal government is covering 80% of the costs ($19.5 million). <br />Hawaii County will be responsible for the remaining costs. <br />i. Concern from James Kong that the road may be built solely on <br />the input from surveyors, and without the visitation from <br />engineers. The road would not be accurately built, and just <br />designed and installed without consideration of the <br />surrounding lands. Concerned about flooding of the roads and <br />homes along the corridor if the road were to be built poorly. <br />b. Iona Court to Mana Road: Shoulders and striping work should be <br />happening in late 2017. <br />c. Speed humps on Puako Beach Drive: Two installed on the north side. <br />i. David Tarnas stated that residents still plan on installing speed <br />cameras to catch motorists that are ignoring signs and other <br />safety measures. <br />d. Shoulder paving near Canada France Hawaii and Waimea Elementary <br />School: Establishing a school zone. Lights, flags, safer shoulders, etc. <br />Not sure about striping plan at this point. Work to begin in September. <br />