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Communication no. 2017-04 <br />November 15, 2017 <br />Attention: Kona Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />Re: Kona Open Space Network Subcommittee Report <br />Following please find the report from the Kona Open Space Network Subcommittee which includes <br />recommendations for moving forward the development of Kona's open space network as described in <br />the 2008 Kona Community Development Plan. <br />The subcommittee met four times on 9/12, 9/29, 10/20 and 11/13 and worked between these meetings <br />to develop this report. Included in the report are the subcommittee's recommended vision, goals, <br />action and additional considerations for Kona's open space network development. It is recommended <br />that this effort initially focus on the Kona urban area, since this is the area of highest development <br />activity. Also attached is an illustrative map included solely as one possible example of potential hubs <br />and links in Kona's open space network, which was created by one of the subcommittee members. <br />The map is for illustration and example purpose only and should not be construed as a <br />recommendation by the subcommittee. <br />The subcommittee would like to acknowledge the contributions from the following community <br />members who also helped with the preparation of this report: Tina Clothier (PATH), Kirstin Kahaloa <br />(Blue Zones Project), Lele Kimball, Mary Metcalf (Ka Ahahui 0 Ka Nahelehele) and Jim Sogi. <br />If the Action Committee concurs, we request that this report be placed on the January 2018 Kona CDP <br />Action Committee agenda for review and discussion. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />Kari Kimura <br />Shirley David Janice Palma-Glennie <br />