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Comm. No. 2017-13B <br />Submitted at Meeting 11/13/17 <br />November 13, 2017 <br />Mr. Michael Yee <br />Hawaii County Planning Director <br />101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3 <br />Hilo, Hawaii 96720 <br />Regarding: Recommended priority CIP projects from North Kohala. <br />Dear Mr. Yee, <br />During the November 13`x' meeting, the North Kohala CDP Action Committee prioritized projects on the <br />attached spreadsheet from our list of Strategies to be considered for Capital Improvement Projects for <br />2018. We are very happy to see that the County Council agrees with us in our five highest priorities in <br />their 2017-8 Budget Priority List. We'd like to reaffirm: and underscore our very highest priority <br />support for rebuilding the Mahukona Beach Park pavilion and restrooms This has topped every <br />North Kohala CIP request list since at least 2013. Kapa'a Beach Park also needs upgrading. <br />Mahukona and Kapa'a beach parks facilities are used extensively by tourists and residents alike, but are <br />in very poor shape. These two popular parks are among the most run-down parks in the County system. <br />The pavilion at Mahukona, in particular, is old and decrepit. It would be unusable if not for some <br />significant repairs by local volunteers. The wharf is severely undermined by storm waves and may soon <br />suffer partial collapse. Both parks are presently served by non -potable water, supplied by the generosity <br />of Surety Kohala, but presenting a potential health hazard. Loss of electrical power to Kapa'a restricts <br />most park usage to daytime and may present a safety hazard at night. All of these maintenance failures <br />threaten public health and safety and affect County liability. <br />We would also like to underscore Priority 3 (a greenwaste facility): This project is presently on the <br />Council's Proposed Capital Budget and Six -Year Capital Improvements Program for Fiscal Year <br />2017 — 2018 coining as a proposal by the Division of Solid Waste: <br />2017010 Construct Green Waste Facility at Hawi (Ka'auhuhu) Transfer Facility (Reapp.) $500,000 <br />Thanks to its soil and rainfall, North Kohala is a significant agricultural area and produces quite a lot of <br />green "waste." Because there is no separate greenwaste facility here, it is all thrown in the transfer <br />station chute. Greenwaste constitutes over half of what is presently put in the single chute and <br />transported to the West Hawaii Landfill, adding to the island's waste problems and precluding its use <br />here as mulch. A greenwaste chute here thus solves two important problems: the availability of mulch in <br />Kohala and reducing the volume of the West Hawaii Landfill. We need a fully functional chute and 100 - <br />yd. container for greenwaste. We have repeatedly called for a greenwaste facility here in order to <br />address these problems. That project should stay on the County's CIP with highest priority. <br />Please prioritize funding for this imuch-needed facility. <br />Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Please feel free to call me if you have further questions. <br />Sincerely, <br />John Winter, Chair <br />North Kohala Community Development Plan <br />Action Committee <br />