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NKCDP Action Committee <br />Growth Management Community Group Meeting <br />Monday, November 06, 2017 <br />6:00 pm to 7:00 pm <br />Old Judiciary Building, Kapa'au <br />ATTENDEES: <br />Comm. No. 2017-16 <br />Jim Pedersen, Richard Elliott, Toni Withington, Carter Collins, Jesse Wells, John Winter, Josh Alt, <br />Christie Cash, Lise Ebrahimi, Lise Pagaard <br />ACTION COMMITTEE REPORT: <br />Report on new applicants, dissolution of Subcommittees, and potential AC meeting day change. <br />PLANNING DEPARTMENT APPLICATIONS: <br />SUB 17-001751 — County failed to notify AC of this application. Draft letter attached to resubmit our <br />request that all Subdivision Applications be forwarded to the AC. <br />Additionally, it was discussed to confirm zoning and the size of the proposed lots. Also confirm the <br />original subdivision does not have conditions prohibiting this. <br />CDP DISCUSSION - SECTION 2.4: LAND USE AND THE IMPACT OF NON -AGRICULTURE <br />BUSINESS IN AN AGRICULTURE DISTRICT, SPECIFICALLY GUEST RANCHES AND <br />VENUES FOR WEDDINGS OR OTHER NON -AGRICULTURE EVENTS/ACTIVITIES. <br />1 — Reiterate original CDP concern that if the County continues to allow for an increase in overnight <br />accommodations that they commit to considering the impacts that decision has on infrastructure <br />demands. <br />2 — Plan to organize future discussion around this topic with a speaker from the County to discuss <br />particulars. <br />CDP DISCUSSION - STRATEGY 4.4: IMPROVE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND <br />RESPONSE, THE HAWAII COUNTY SIGN CODE, AND THE IMPACT OF LARGE LIGHTED <br />SIGNS. <br />1 — The recent installation of a roadside, illuminated, automated sign has stirred the community. <br />Encouragement for a Kohala Village Article added to the sign code similar to Kailua and Pahoa. <br />2 — Reiterate frustration being excluded from the process. Neither the NKCDP Action Committee nor <br />any of the Subcommittees were notified and their input not solicited. The County needs to recognize <br />the importance of seeking and obtaining a community's advisory commission's written recommendation <br />The next meeting and guest speaker will be announced later this month. <br />