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DRAFT North Kohala CDP <br />2017-8 List of Infrastructure Strategies from Ch. 4, Section 4.4 <br />updated November, 2017. <br />Comm. No. 2017-17 <br />Document Submitted by John Winter 11/12/2017 <br />NKCDP <br />Responsible <br />Rank <br />CDP Project <br />Location <br />Need <br />Cost <br />Notes <br />Strategy <br />Department <br />Highest Kohala priority. Much -used park and very run- <br />Mahukona Beach Park: Restrooms, pavilion, wharf <br />Mahukona Beach <br />Existing infrastructure <br />2012-2013 CIP <br />t <br />repair and winch access <br />4 1 (p 72) <br />Park <br />needs repair <br />DPR <br />Budget - $2.5M <br />down facilities. On ClProgram (M. Wille) 7/1/16- <br />6/30/19 <br />Park pavilion, <br />2012-2013 CIP <br />Improve Kapa'a Beach Park facilities and install <br />Kapa'a Beach <br />restrooms, and picnic <br />Budget - $110k <br />Another heavily -used beach park. Used to have power. <br />2 <br />4.2 ( p. 74-75) <br />NKCDP AC, DPR <br />Needs to be restored. On ClProgram (T. Richards) <br />electricity (solar power) <br />Park <br />area needs <br />power, TBD <br />7/1/17-6/30/16 <br />improvements. <br />improvements <br />Green wastes now put <br />Green waste composes over half of waste trucked <br />Ka'auhuhu <br />in with trash, - Need <br />DEM 2014-2015 <br />from Kohala to West Hawaii Landfill. Kohala needs <br />3 <br />Green waste facility <br />4.1 (p. 72) <br />DEM <br />CIP Budget - <br />Transfer Station <br />separate greenwaste <br />$500k <br />mulch for agriculture. On ClProgram (G. Goodale) <br />chute <br />7/1/17-6/30/16 <br />Ageing pipes and <br />Repair/replace <br />limited water pressure <br />4 <br />Upgrade Potable Water System <br />4.5 (p. 78) <br />aging water lines <br />in some areas and the <br />DWS <br />$4-5M to build <br />Ageing pipes need attention. Many leak and have <br />and obtain a new <br />need to create <br />broken recently. <br />well (Hala'ula) <br />redundancy by building <br />a new reservoir. <br />Kamehameha <br />2012-2013 CIP <br />Replace deficit in seating (demolished old grandstand). <br />5 <br />Kamehameha Park improvements <br />4.2 (p. 74-75) <br />Park improvements <br />DPR <br />park <br />Budget - <br />On ClProgram (T. Richards) 7/1/17-6/30/16 <br />Improvements are <br />needed for many roads <br />Many of the <br />in the NK district. Pratt <br />6 <br />Improve Existing Roadway Systems and Create <br />4.6 (p. 79) <br />roads within the <br />Road was identified as <br />NKCDP, DPW <br />$3.5M <br />"Pratt Road Improvements" on ClProgram (K. <br />Emergency Bypass Roads <br />Pacheco, Public Works) 7/1/17-6/30/16 <br />NK district. <br />a possible'Proute if <br />Akoni Pule Hwy. were <br />closed. <br />Hawai`I <br />Poor cell phone <br />Broadband <br />reception and internet <br />DSL doesn't reach all areas. Cell phone reception is <br />7 <br />Improve Communication Systems (cell and internet) <br />4.3 ( p. 75) <br />TBD <br />Taskforce, various <br />access/speed in many <br />weak in some areas. <br />cell phone <br />areas <br />providers <br />The community <br />identified the use of a <br />Post a large <br />large lighted sign asCivil <br />8 <br />Improve Emergency Response - install a large lighted <br />4.4 (p. 76) <br />lighted sign near <br />one of the best tools to <br />Defense and <br />$35-40k <br />sign for emergency communication <br />Kohala High <br />NKCDP-AC <br />post important <br />School <br />information during <br />emergencies <br />Current transfer <br />Ka'auhuhu <br />station at 17 acres is <br />repairs - <br />Very difficult to find a suitable site (NIMBY). Open <br />9 <br />Repair/Relocate Solid Waste Transfer Station <br />4.1 ( p. 72) <br />Transfer Station - <br />DEM <br />$300k/new- $3 - 4 <br />too small for current <br />State land to west. <br />New site TBD <br />M <br />demand. <br />Some have expressed <br />A boat ramp is a controversial issue in North Kohala. <br />10 <br />Public boat access <br />4.2 ( p. 74) <br />A coastal area <br />desire for small -boat <br />ACOE <br />TBD <br />P&R had closed that project. <br />access in Kohala <br />