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North Kohala Affordable Housing Committe <br />March 2017 2016 <br />We are still working with two land owners who have expressed some interest in developing affordable <br />housing. <br />The first; a 33 acre parcel of land in Hawi, makai of the highway, on which the land owner has <br />expressed interest in utilizing 8 acres for an affordable housing development of approximately twenty- <br />four (24) RS -15 lots in return for assistance in developing the balance of the parcel as ten 2-3 acre lots. <br />This project is moving ahead slowly. The owner/developer has put together a team including an <br />attorney, land planner and engineer to focus on the lengthy approval process. Our role will mostly be to <br />support the additional exemptions that will be required for the water meters. <br />The second land owner has a 12 acre parcel near Ainakea where the committee has proposed a'pocket <br />neighborhood'; essentially a group of smaller lots surrounding a large shared common area that has no <br />vehicular traffic beyond emergency vehicles. The landscaped common area with sidewalks, play areas, <br />meeting places, etc. is meant to provide more sense of community than what is typical of <br />neighborhoods dominated by streets and vehicles. The landowner is 'open to discussion' only at this <br />point. <br />Meanwhile, we continue to look for additional sites suitable for affordable housing. <br />Jack hoyt <br />