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PARKS,WATER AND ROADS SUB -COMMITTEE MINUTES February 22,2017 <br />ATTENDANCE: Toni Withington,Sarah Pule -Fujii, John Winter, Carter Collins, Andi <br />Longpre (minutes by Andi) <br />Meeting with Mayor Kim: John reported on his meeting with Mayor Kim and <br />assistant on 2/2/17. John said that the focus was primarily on the CDP process and <br />that he received a warm reception from the Mayor and his assistant. <br />Toni Withington reported on her Feb.16th meeting with the Advisory Council of Na <br />Ala Hele(DNLR) regarding Pololu. Topics that were discussed were porta-potties, <br />enforcement of the ban on overnight camping, tours, and improved signage for <br />visitors. The porta-potties require a flat surface and the estimated monthly cost to <br />maintain 3 of them is $400. (there would be one ADA and two regular potties). This <br />would be a temporary measure until appropriate toilet facilities can be constructed. <br />Although there is a sign that states that overnight camping is "by permit only" <br />there is no one issuing permits and no realistic way to deter illegal camping. <br />However, if there is evidence of squatters, then the DNLR enforcement officers at <br />DOCARE can be called upon to intervene. There are 3-4 groups that have permits <br />for tours which allow for two groups with a total of 12 people per day to go down <br />the trail. Na Ala Hele asked our sub -committee for a review of the signs in their <br />website for suggestions as to how to educate visitors. Toni will prepare a report <br />for Na Ala Hele and John suggested that it then be sent to the appropriate county <br />and state departments for direction regarding the next steps to be taken. John <br />Winter and Toni have also entered into an e-mail conversation with Bill Shontell of <br />Surety Kohala about the company's plans and options for its land near the Pololu <br />Lookout. <br />AG WATER SYSTEM: Toni also reported on her conversation with Rep. Cindy Evans <br />regarding the next meeting for this topic. Rep. Evans said that she had spoken with <br />Suzanne Case, Chairperson of DNLR and that the latter had expressed great interest <br />in attending such a meeting in Kohala. In her position as Chair of DNLR, Ms Case <br />also has oversight of the Land Board, and the State Water Resources Commission. <br />The suggestion is to hold this next meeting during the 2nd week of May when the <br />Legislature will be in recess. <br />Future Meetings with County Depts.: John suggested that members of our sub- <br />committee plan a trip to Hilo to meet with the new department heads for: Public <br />Works, Waste Management/Environment, Parks & Recreation and Civil Defense and <br />the new Island Director of the State Dept. of Transportation's Highways Division. <br />NEXT MEETING: March 29th, 2017 5 p.m. @ Kohala Community Hall located in the <br />Kohala Civic Ctr. (old Judiciary bldg..) <br />