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Submitted March 10, 2017: <br />Richard Elliott's Notes regarding Public Input on agenda items from the North Kohala CDP Action <br />Committee meeting on Jan. 9, 2017. No quorum was established. <br />David Tarnas addressed the Growth Management and Public Access subcommittee reports. He recalled <br />the workshop run by the Planning Department last year at which CommunityVis modeling software was <br />used to evaluate the (projected) effect on growth by adjusting a number of physical, economic, <br />environmental and social variables. He recommended we ask to bring the program to Kohala to evaluate <br />projections on growth up here. <br />Toni Withington addressed the Public Access subcommittee report, stating that they met with the new <br />West Hawaii Managing Director (Mayor's Office) to discuss recommendations on land parcels in the area <br />of the northern coast related to Kamehameha I for PONC acquisition. They asked the mayor to authorize <br />negotiations to acquire the Hapu'u - Kapanaia - Halelua parcels. Coastal lands on both sides of the 4 -mile <br />stretch have been preserved at no cost to the County. The owners of the Niuli'i coastal parcel got tired <br />of waiting for the County to begin negotiations and gifted the parcel to the Kohala Center. She <br />presented a letter written by the subcommittee that made this proposal, adding that they simply could <br />not wait for AC approval which would have taken at least 4 months (now 6 given the present meeting <br />cancellation for lack of a quorum). <br />Richard L. Elliott Jr. <br />AC member (Growth Management) <br />