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Power, Viewplanes, & Erosion Control Subcommittee <br />report to January 9, 2017 <br />North Kohala CDP Action Committee <br />Viewplanes <br />Subcommittee work is ongoing with Parks Water and Roads, Growth Management, <br />and the Community Access Group on a continuing discussion with residents near <br />Pololu Lookout concerning preferable types of improvements to enhance the experience <br />for visitors, provide a better view of the valleys, and lessen the impact on those who live <br />nearby. A public meeting is planned for Wednesday, January 18, at 5:00 p.m. at the <br />Kapaau Senior Center. Goals include recommendations for the future of the lookout <br />and access, and possible public or conservation purchase of the land between the <br />lookout and Akoakoa Point. <br />Power and Viewplanes <br />The subcommittee continues work on the map of Kohala combining potential HELCO <br />transmission loop routes, viewplanes identified in various view studies, and lands <br />preserved for open space. Goals include determination of significant viewplanes <br />to avoid for new transmission lines, as well as locations for prospective new scenic <br />lookouts to improve safety particularly during whale season. <br />Erosion Control <br />HELCO transmission line routes proposed for steep slopes are being studied by <br />subcommittee members for potential soil erosion. <br />