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Report of the Parks, Water Roads Subcommittee of the <br />North Kohala Community Development Plan Action Committee <br />Notes from the First Integrated Ag. Water Meeting. 11/30/2016 <br />This was the first of what will be several information -gathering meetings on this topic <br />This system is for North Kohala (not N&S) <br />Need to assure entire system integrity. <br />• Sufficient water for all users. <br />• Attention to modern ag users and heritage use (water returned to streams). <br />• Distribution laterals are imperative (restore lost ones and consider new ones). <br />• Several said they had installed ag water pipes on their land because ditch water was promised, <br />but not delivered. One estimated 40 to 50 landowners are in this position. Charlie Anderson <br />said he would provide a map of all those who expected ag water. <br />• To be economically viable, an ag water system will need to provide access to a much wider <br />reach of farmers than the Ditch currently supplies. <br />Who will eventually control the ditch/system? All agreed is must be North Kohala users. <br />• Present Kohala Ditch Foundation is a temporary and transitional manager. <br />• PUC says Owners must manage. A "Consumer Co -Operative" is preferred, according to Kije <br />Hazelwood. <br />• Bill Shontell: Surety will not last forever, he's happy with the Co -Op group now forming. <br />Careful attention must be paid to the structure of the entire system. <br />• Physical portions: ditch, tunnels, reservoirs, distribution laterals. <br />• Personnel. Central system plus lateral user groups (one rep for each group). <br />• Easements, usage rates, metering/billing. <br />• Kamehameha Schools controls the Ditch headwaters and has responsibility for much of the <br />"heritage use" of Kohala water to provide for traditional farming practices. <br />• System needs to support small farmers as well as large. <br />• Non -consumptive users (kayak operations, etc.). <br />• The Co-op is planning to have licensing agreements with groups of users on each of the lateral <br />lines. Each lateral having its own co-op, Hazelwood said. <br />How will distribution line repair and new construction plus maintenance be funded? <br />Tunnels may dry up too during a prolonged drought, according to Shontell. <br />The ditch itself is presently in robust shape (perhaps best -ever). <br />The distribution system, however, is definitely not robust. <br />• Most lines are old. <br />• Many are broken. <br />