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1 NORTH KOHALA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN ACTION COMMITTEE <br />2 <br />3 COUNTY OF HAWAII <br />4 <br />5 RECORD OF PUBLIC TESTIMONY <br />6 DUE TO MEETING CANCELLATION FOR LACK OF QUORUM <br />7 JANUARY 9, 2017 <br />8 Pursuant to §92-2.5(d), Hawaii Revised Statues, members present at the meeting may <br />9 receive testimony and presentations on items on the agenda. <br />10 Testimony Commenced: 5:16 pm A& <br />11 Place: North Kohala Senior Center (The Old Courthouse) <br />12 54-3900 Akoni Pule Highway, Kapa`au, HI 96755 <br />13 1. Roll Call: <br />14 a. Members present: John Winter (Chair), Faith "Faye" Yates (Vice -Chair), <br />15 Richard Elliott, and Veronica "Lani" Eugenio <br />16 b. Members absent/excused: Kristen "Lehua" Dircks, John "Jack" Hoyt and <br />17 Benjamin Ney <br />18 c. Planning Department: Michael Yee, Rosalind Newlon and Ellsworth <br />19 Hulihe`e <br />20 d. County of Hawaii: Tim Richards — Councilman District 9 <br />21 e. Public: David Tarnas, Bob Martin, Jesse C. Wells, Toni Witthington, Kimo <br />22 Jordan, Elliott, Michelle and Carter Collins <br />23 <br />24 STATEMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC REGARDING ITEMS ON AGENDA <br />25 1. David Tarnas — spoke in regards to the reports of the subcommittees and how it <br />26 would be a benefit for the Planning Department to do a half day seminar in North <br />27 Kohala for the subcommittees and public utilizing the CommunityViz software, <br />28 the same software that was shown at the General Plan Update breakout <br />29 sessions. <br />30 1& 1401kh, <br />31 2. Toni Whittington — spoke in regards to the report of the subcommittee on Public <br />32 Access. A letter was provided to the Action Committee which was sent out by the <br />33 North Kohala Community Access Group which is attached to these minutes as <br />34 Exhibit A. <br />35 <br />36 3. Jesse Wells — announced a new bus route is expected to run from Halaula to <br />37 Spencer to Parker Ranch. <br />38 <br />39 Testimony Concluded at 5:31 p.m. <br />40 Respectively submitted by Ellsworth Hulihe`e, Planning Department <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />