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<br /> HAWAII COUNTY INCOME SCHEDULE BY FAMILY SIZE2017 <br />THE FOLLOWING TABLE PRESENTS INCOME LIMITS BY FAMILY SIZE AND BY PERCENTAGES OF THE VERY LOW INCOME LEVELS <br />ESTABLISHED BY HUD. THESE INCOME LIMITS SERVE AS GUIDELINES TO ESTABLISH SALES/RENTAL PREFERENCES. <br />--------------------------------------------------------------------------------LIMITS BY FAMILY SIZE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> <br />MEDIAN1 PERSON2 PERSON3 PERSON4 PERSON5 PERSON6 PERSON7 PERSON8 PERSON <br />$63,300 <br />Adjustments 0.70000.80000.90001.00001.08001.16001.24001.3200 <br />for family size <br />10%$5,190$5,930$6,670$7,410$8,010$8,600$9,190$9,790 <br />20%$10,380$11,860$13,340$14,820$16,020$17,200$18,380$19,580 <br />30%$15,570$17,790$20,010$22,230$24,030$25,800$27,570$29,370 <br />40%$20,760$23,720$26,680$29,640$32,040$34,400$36,760$39,160 <br />50%$25,950$29,650$33,350$37,050$40,050$43,000$45,950$48,950 <br />60%$31,140$35,580$40,020$44,460$48,060$51,600$55,140$58,740 <br />70%$36,330$41,510$46,690$51,870$56,070$60,200$64,330$68,530 <br />80%$41,520$47,440$53,360$59,280$64,080$68,800$73,520$78,320 <br />90%$46,710$53,370$60,030$66,690$72,090$77,400$82,710$88,110 <br />,,,,,,,, <br />100%$51,900$59,300$66,700$74,100$80,100$86,000$91,900$97,900 <br />110%$57,090$65,230$73,370$81,510$88,110$94,600$101,090$107,690 <br />120%$62,280$71,160$80,040$88,920$96,120$103,200$110,280$117,480 <br />130%$67,470$77,090$86,710$96,330$104,130$111,800$119,470$127,270 <br />140%$72,660$83,020$93,380$103,740$112,140$120,400$128,660$137,060 <br />The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets income limits that determine the eligibility of applicants for its assisted housing programs. HUD typically uses the <br /> <br />Very Low-Income Limit (VLIL) as the basis for deriving other income limits. The VLIL is calculated by taking the 4-person income limit equal to 50% of the estimated median family <br />income (based on the U.S. Census Bureau's ACS median family income estimates) and making adjustments if this income is outside formula constraints. For example, the VLIL is <br />increased for areas where rental housing costs are unusually high in relation to the median income or if it is less that the relevant State non-metropolitan median family income level. <br /> See <br />"FY 2017 HUD Income Limits Briefing Material" at <br />HHFDC uses the HUD income limits for households at the 50% and 60% income limits as calculated for the Multifamily Tax Subsidy Project (MTSP) charts. For HHFDC programs, the <br />80% income limit is calculated as the Multifamily Tax Subsidy Project (MTSP) VLIL for FY 2017, multiplied by 1.6 (or 80/50). The limits for households at other income limits are <br />calculated in the same way. For further information see "Multifamily Tax Subsidy Income Limits" at <br />NOTE: This chart is provided as a guide only. You are responsible to ensure the accuracy of the numbers. <br />