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Communication No. 2017-15 <br />September 7, 2017 <br />Report on the Hawai'i County Mass Transit Master Plan <br />as presented to the Hawai'i County Council, Committee on Public Safety and Mass <br />Transit, September 6, 2017, 1:30 pm. <br />Report submitted by Patti Pinto <br />Curtis Sharp, Hawai'i County MTA Consultant and Analyst introduced Cheryl Soon, SSFM <br />International, who is the consultant leading the Mass Transit Master Plan study. <br />He reviewed the current status of the Hele On bus service. Hele On has been in existence for <br />thirty years. This is the first Plan developed for the transit service. The fleet mix, which evolved <br />from a mix of purchases of new and used vehicles is too diverse to keep a reasonable inventory <br />of parts and is a challenge to the mechanics to learn so many different brands and makes They <br />have outgrown their base yard and will be moving later this year into new facilities. <br />Recruitment for an Administrator is in progress and they have added one new staff member who <br />will be a warehouse foreperson. There are five mechanics with 5-8 years of experience. Hele <br />On maintains service contracts with Roberts and Polynesian Adventures. <br />Hele On has submitted three federal grant applications in the last three months, two for <br />additional buses and one for operating assistance. <br />Cheryl Soon made a presentation of the actual work to produce a Master Plan for Hele On. This <br />plan will be a "base line" study as no plan has existed before. <br />We were introduced to the Metropolitan Planning Organization, which is required by the Federal <br />Transportation Authority when an urban area reaches a population of 50,000. Maui Island has <br />passed this landmark. Technically, Hawai'i Island has probably reached this status, but because <br />of how our districts are laid out it will not be an issue for us until the 2020 census. Taking the <br />step to form an MPO moves our transit authority to our own organization and takes us out of the <br />State DOT authority. The reporting burden is greatly increased, but our planning and funding <br />applications will be in our own hands. <br />The FTA wants all transit authorities to have a master plan, but once we move to the MPO, it is <br />mandatory that a plan be established, reviewed and updated regularly. <br />The importance of community input was stressed. To this date they have relied on the ridership <br />survey which was conducted in March 2017 and customer interviews by MTA staff actually on <br />buses and at bus stops. They have scheduled public meetings in October as follows: <br />• Kona — West Hawai'i Civic Center — October 9 <br />• Kea'au — Kea'au Community Center — October 11 <br />• Pahoa — Pahoa Community Center — October 12 <br />• Waimea — Waimea Elementary School — October 19 <br />• Hilo — TBA <br />