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Communication No. 2017-3 <br />June 21,2017 Parks,Water & Roads sub -committee minutes. <br />Attendance: Toni Withington, Sarah Pule -Fujii, Lisa Andrews,Carter Collins, Andi <br />Longpre(minutes by andi) <br />Mimosa Tree & Senior Ctr. On the morning of June 5,2017 a large portion of a mature Mimosa <br />tree broke off and fell to the ground. (Please refer to the Kohala Mountain News for a detailed <br />article.) Based on the findings of the arborist the County Parks & Rec. Dept. has decided that <br />both of the large trees are to be razed and removed. Following the removal of the trees new <br />plantings will be put in. John Winter met with the Seniors to offer the assistance of our sub- <br />committee regarding the types of plantings the Seniors would like and how to best move <br />forward working with the County Parks & Rec. Dept. to accomplish this goal. The Seniors have <br />decided to form a sub -committee to address this issue. John will continue to be in contact with <br />the County and the Seniors on this topic. <br />PRATT RD. EMERGENCY BY-PASS: Due to personnel changes in the County government there <br />has not been any progress on this topic. Our sub -committee sent a letter on June 20, 2016 to <br />the Director of the Dept. of Public Works. The Dept. had provided us with a copy of "The <br />Revocable Right of Entry Agreement " between the Trustees of the Estate of Bernice Pauahi <br />Bishop and the County of Hawaii, Dept. of Public Works. We asked for their assistance in <br />developing a similar agreement that would be amenable to the County,the landowners and the <br />community. To date there has not been any further developments on this issue. In 2015, <br />there were at least three separate occasions when Akoni Pule Highway was closed and many <br />residents could neither get to work not get home from works. We have data that reflects that <br />over 240 citizens living in the area could be adversely affected by such closures. <br />Therefore, our sub -committee has agreed to submit a letter to the Action Committee for their <br />discussion and approval. Based on the result of that process the letter will be sent to the <br />Director of the Dept. of Public Works again requesting their assistance to initiate the necessary <br />work to create the emergency by-pass . <br />NEXT MEETING Wednesday July 19,2017 , 5 p.m. @ Old Judiciary BLdg. <br />