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Communication No. 2017-2 <br />Power, Viewplanes, & Erosion Control Subcommittee report <br />to July 10, 2017 <br />North Kohala CDP Action Committee <br />VIEWPLANES <br />Subcommittee members have met with Pololu residents and State officials <br />to encourage a new scenic lookout with parking and bathrooms closer to <br />Akoakoa Point and away from the trailhead and nearby residences. <br />Further meetings with the land owners of the surrounding properties will be <br />held this month in an effort to address the health, safety, and congestion <br />issues. <br />POWER <br />The subcommittee has invited Paniolo Power to address a public meeting <br />in Kohala regarding its continued planning of alternative energy for the <br />district. <br />EROSION CONTROL <br />Recent inspection of the erosion control siltation dams at Upolu Airport <br />show increased deposits of soil and healthy plants growing around and <br />over the dams. <br />