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Communication No. 2017-1 <br />North Kohala Community Access Group <br />June 7, 2017 (Old State Courthouse 4:30pm) <br />Participants: David Tarnas, Toni Withington, Carter Collins, Teri Takata, Meredith Speicher, <br />Aric Arakaki, Joe Carvalho, Ted Matsuda. <br />❖ Pololu Lookout <br />➢ A report summarizing the meetings will be sent to the core group. <br />❖ Rails to Trails <br />➢ Meredith Speicher of Rails to Trails talked about the status of her report on the Kohala <br />and Ka'u railroads. <br />➢ She is working on RTCA, it is a grant assistant program on trails, and she is encouraging <br />Kohala Lihikai to apply. <br />■ It will cover a study of the legal alignment & community outreach. <br />o A part-time community coordinator might be funded. <br />■ The NKCDP identifies the value of the railroad to the entire coastal trail system <br />o This includes the mauka-makai accesses that cross and align with the railroad. <br />■ Education & student outreach could be part of the grant. <br />■ A separate RTCA grant may be submitted by Solar Matters for a solar bike path, <br />which could connect the Natural Energy Lab with Kona Airport. <br />•'• Akoakoa Point <br />• ➢ NSTR (nothing significant to report). <br />❖ Niulii <br />➢ NSTR <br />❖ Hapu'u — Kapanaia <br />➢ Squatters are out of these properties. <br />➢ Kohala Lihikai will have a booth at the Kamehameha Day festivities to display <br />Kamehameha's homeland. <br />➢ The North Kohala CDP Action committee submitted a letter encouraging the mayor to <br />sign the document to procced with negotiations for the purchase of Hapu'u to Kapanaia <br />lands. <br />■ Applications for the PONC list for this year are due at the end of June. <br />•'• Halelua <br />• ➢ Same as above, waiting for mayor's signature to move ahead with negotiations. <br />••• Kauhola Point <br />• ➢ NSTR (nothing substantial to report). <br />•'• Ainakea <br />➢ Documentation is needed for the county to address the problems. <br />•'• Pahoa Beach <br />• ➢ A hedge is still blocking the trail. <br />➢ Need update from the county. <br />❖ Upolu Airport East <br />➢ NSTR-need county update <br />❖ Upolu Airport Restoration <br />➢ The project with Ala Kahakai-NPS & KUPU has been canceled for this area. <br />Page 1 1 <br />