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Communication no. 2017-8 <br />North Kohala Community Access Group <br />August 2, 2017 (Hisaoka Gym -Arts room 4:30pm) <br />Participants: Jack Hoyt, Aric Arakaki, David Tarnas, Joe Carvalho, Beth Robinson, Teri Takata, <br />Keith Wallis, Debbie Chang, Toni Withington, Ted Matsuda. <br />❖ Pololu Lookout <br />➢ The core group is still working with government agencies to address the problems. <br />➢ Surety Kohala may still be willing to participate in solving some of the problems. <br />•'• Akoakoa Point <br />• ➢ NSTR (nothing significant to report). <br />❖ Niulii <br />➢ Toni & Fred met with Kohala Center representatives to discuss some concerns of their <br />property. <br />■ They leased some lands to a goat herder to keep the grasses down. <br />o The lease covered the old sugar company turn table with soil. <br />■ Kohala Center will report back to Toni if any there are any legal ramifications. <br />❖ Hapu'u — Kapanaia <br />➢ PONC is in negotiations with the landowners to purchase the following properties. <br />■ Hapu'u (Charlie) — the county will purchase with PONC funds. <br />■ Kapanaia (Pacific Plains) — PONC will need matching funds. <br />o State Legacy Land Conservation Program will have very little funding this year. <br />•'• Halelua <br />• ➢ NSTR - Need update from county planning department. <br />•'• Kauhola Point <br />• ➢ NSTR <br />•'• Pahoa Beach <br />• ➢ NSTR - Need update from county planning department <br />❖ Upolu Airport East <br />➢ NSTR- Need update from county planning department <br />❖ Upolu Airport Restoration <br />➢ NSTR <br />❖ Puakea Bay Ranch <br />➢ NSTR. <br />•'• Kukuipahu <br />• ➢ Parker Ranch has foreclosed on the landowner that purchased it. <br />❖ Lamalaloa - South of Lapakahi <br />➢ The landowner may submit a Letter of intent to PONC for the public purchase. <br />•'• Kaiholena <br />• ➢ An ROE (right of entry) is being drafted between the County of Hawaii and the Ala Kahakai <br />Trail Association. <br />➢ Kohala Lihikai will apply for management funds from the PONC. <br />➢ There are 2 wells on this property. <br />❖ Kohala Shoreline LLC <br />➢ NSTR - Need update from county planning department. <br />❖ Kohala Kai <br />➢ NSTR. <br />Page 1 1 <br />