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Communication no. 2017-6 <br />July 19,2017 Parks, Water & Roads Sub -committee Minutes <br />Attendance: Toni Withington, Sarah Pule -Fujii, Carter Collins, Andi Longpre (minutes by Andi) <br />Action Committee Mtg: Toni reported to us on the July 10th AC meeting. Unfortunately, there <br />was not a quorum and therefore no decisions were made. However, there were <br />representatives from the County Planning Dept. who noted that the NKCDP is considered to be <br />"the most vibrant" and that the Dept. wants to use North Kohala as a model. The Planning <br />Dept. will be offering trainings on land use law,budgeting, GIS mapping and other related <br />topics. These trainings will be free of charge to interested community members. <br />AC Sub -committees: Those in attendance at the July 10th AC meeting initiated a conversation <br />about the different types of sub -committees available to the NKCDP. There are two types of <br />sub -committees: 1. Investigative and short-term: this type would have 2 or more AC <br />members,in addition to community members, and would not be subject to Sunshine Laws; 2. <br />Standing: the purpose of the this type of sub -committee would be defined by the AC, there <br />would no limit to the number of AC members but would be subjected to the Sunshine Laws. <br />Community Partners: As part of the conversation about sub -committees the Planning Dept is <br />offering a third option. Community Partners would be groups of residents of North Kohala, <br />such as the existing subcommittees, which could have a limit of 2 AC members. The purpose of <br />the group would be defined by its members. The group would not be subject to the Sunshine <br />Laws. Community Partners would have the right to send letters to (County and State Depts. ) <br />and hold public meetings on issues impacting the North Kohala community, such as parks <br />maintenance, emergency by-pass and other topics. Additionally, the group would be able to <br />present reports or request letters be forwardedat the AC meetings. Those letters or <br />reportssplaced on the agenda and can be approved or dis-approved at that same meeting. This <br />group would not be permitted to identify itself as being part of the CDP. <br />Senior Ctr. Trees: Both of the large Mimosa trees have been removed. The Seniors were happy <br />to accept our offers of assistance but they have not yet decided what plantings they would like. <br />Pratt Rd. We learned that Mr. DeMarco of Public Works retired today. As of this date there is <br />no information as to who would be the next department head. The need for an emergency by- <br />pass in North Kohala was identified in the NKCDP in 2008. Since that time our sub -committee <br />has written letters to the relevant County officials in both the Planning Dept. and Public Works <br />asking for their guidance and assistance . Our sub -committee has completed the "action steps" <br />as defined in the NKCDP. Due to both the pressing need for progress and in order for us to <br />complete the "action steps" we will be inviting both Senator Inouye and Representative Evans <br />to a community meeting . The purpose of such a meeting will be for the community to present <br />their input as to how they are effected by the lack of such an emergency by-pass and to ask <br />Sen. Inouye and Rep. Evans for their assistance in resolving this community issue. We are <br />planning on having this meeting in either the 2 or 3rd week of September in the early evening. <br />