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Communication No. 2017-5 <br />North Kohala Community Access Group <br />July 5, 2017 (Old State Courthouse 4:30pm) <br />Participants: David Tarnas, Toni Withington, Carter Collins, Lehua Ah Sam, Beth Robinson, Jack <br />Hoyt, Ted Matsuda. <br />❖ Pololu Lookout <br />➢ Land acquisition is a top priority for safety & health reasons. <br />➢ The core group will keep the conversations ongoing to get solutions for short term and long <br />term. <br />•'• Akoakoa Point <br />• ➢ NSTR (nothing significant to report). <br />❖ Niulii <br />➢ Kohala Center's new director is Cheryl Ka'uhane Lupenui <br />■ A goat farmer that is leasing some property may be filling soil on this property. <br />❖ Hapu'u — Kapanaia <br />➢ A draft application has been prepared for Land Legacy for matching funds for PONC purchase <br />of 2 Pacific Plains properties. <br />➢ A County appraisal has been ordered for Anderson's Hapu'u land and PP's Kapanaia land. <br />➢ The whole Hapu'u to Kapanaia Cultural Corridor was re -nominated to the PONC 2017 priority <br />list in order to continue to focus on the purchase of the two remaining parcels between these <br />two. <br />•'• Halelua <br />• ➢ The landowners are still be interested in public sale to PONC, though the land is listed for <br />sale. The land was re -nominated to the PONC priority list for 2017. <br />•'• Kauhola Point <br />• ➢ NSTR <br />•'• Ainakea <br />• ➢ NSTR — All done for now and will be taken of the agenda. <br />•'• Pahoa Beach <br />• ➢ NSTR - Need update from county planning department <br />❖ Upolu Airport East <br />➢ NSTR-need county update <br />❖ Upolu Airport Restoration <br />➢ NSTR <br />❖ Puakea Bay Ranch <br />➢ NSTR. <br />Page 1 1 <br />