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<br />Communication No. 2017-13 <br />PCDP Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response, Puna Waena and Kai <br />Meeting – August 29, 2017 – Kea’au Community Center <br />2:00 p.m. <br />Meeting Report <br /> <br />Call to Order: 2:07 <br /> <br />Present: Linnette Sawyer, Patti Pinto, Eileen O’Hara, Stephanie Bath, Neena Roumell, Nelson Ho, Tim <br />Beaver <br /> <br />Communities Represented: <br />Fern Acres, Hawaiian Acres, South Lauko, Hawaiian Beaches/Shores, County Council <br /> <br />Review of the meeting with Frank DeMarco et al. regarding the Puna Connectivity Master Plan <br />General agreement that our impressions were positive, that the work will be undertaken by County <br />departments. There are far fewer CLs in middle and lower Puna, it is just a different situation. All of the <br />community input and proposed CLs are included in the CERS reports to the PCDP, available on the PCDP <br />website. Some discussion about the membership of the committee, County Representatives will be <br />participating, invited by Roy. <br /> <br />We discussed the importance of including the work that has already been done by the PCDP and CERS. <br /> <br />Also addressed was the inclusion of Mass Transit in the Puna Connectivity Master Plan. We realized that <br />they have not done any public outreach. The conditions of the contract to do the Mass Transit Plan included <br />community input meetings in the first 6 months of the process and again towards the end. We need public <br />meetings on Mass Transit. <br /> <br />Do we want to begin to investigate ownership of the CL impacted properties? <br /> <br />Objectives for CERS ongoing <br />Some discussion of the overlapping goals of the Puna Connectivity Master Plan (PCMP) and the Connectivity <br />and Emergency Response Subcommittee (CERS). We recognize that the County will not embark on any <br />plans until after the PCMP is complete, but that there is much that can be accomplished parallel to that work <br />and that it needs to be done by members of the communities impacted by the proposed connectivity locations <br />(CLs). <br /> <br />Eileen discussed the research she has done regarding the Federal (FEMA) agreements with Hawaii State and <br />County regarding the emergency route between Hawaiian Beaches and HPP along Railroad. There was a <br />sunset clause as part of the agreement relating to the federal funding and she believes that that date has <br />passed. Still need to locate the actual document and establish date and facts. She spoke with Darryl Oliveira <br />and he could not locate the document, but thinks that the sunset date was 2 years out from the event. Eileen <br />reports that in reality, we have never been in compliance with the federal emergency access only requirement <br />as Government Beach Road has always been open as there are private properties along that route that require <br />daily access. Not the case with Railroad. <br /> <br />Patti asks about County participation in the maintenance of Maku’u should traffic begin to use that road as <br />access to Highway 130. Some staff at DPW had been under the impression that the HPP boulevards were 40 <br />foot right of way, but they are 60 foot, and therefore potentially dedicable. Looked at dates of the dedications <br />of Leilani, Nanawale, Kahakai and Ainaloa in looking for precedents. With the increase in fuel tax there will <br />be more funds available to improve roads. <br /> <br />1 <br /> <br /> <br />