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<br />Communication No. 2017-11 <br />PCDP Subcommittee on Connectivity and Emergency Response, Puna Waena and Kai <br />Meeting – June 27, 2017 – Fern Acres Community Center <br />2:00 p.m. <br />Meeting Report <br /> <br />Call to Order: 2:11 <br /> <br />Present: Linnette Sawyer, Patti Pinto, Eileen O’Hara, Stephanie Bath, Neena Roumell <br /> <br />Communities Represented: <br />Fern Acres, Hawaiian Acres, South Lauko, Hawaiian Beaches/Shores, County Council <br /> <br />Discussion: <br />Discussion of Railroad (the portion owned by Shipman). It was a privately owned road and has been closed <br />to the public for many years. Adverse possession and the 7 year rule do not apply. <br /> <br />Today’s discussion is to prepare us to meet with Frank DeMarco and staff. <br /> What is happening with the Puna Connectivity Master Plan (Mayor’s) and the Ad Hoc Committee’s <br />report? <br /> What do Community Associations need to do to get MOA/Us to create points of connectivity? <br /> Can the County go forward with proposals to purchase connective lots? Secure right of ways? <br />Easements? <br /> Is Mass Transit part of the consideration? <br /> Who should be included in the meeting? <br /> Clarification on “roads in limbo”, “paper roads”. Inventory of County roads in Puna. <br /> <br />Some discussion of the differences between Community Associations/Road Associations and the ownership <br />of the private roads, ability to speak for owners regarding road decisions. All are different. In some <br />subdivisions there is a “road lot” which belong to the Association. <br /> <br />We want to recommend the purchase of selected lots while prices are still low. <br /> <br />In order to make a connectivity between two subdivisions, do we not need an agreement between the relevant <br />subdivisions? <br /> <br />People we want to invite: Frank DeMarco, Ron Kim, Trevor Jackson, Ben Ishii, Kason Pacheco. <br /> <br />Some discussion on roads in limbo, paper roads. Making them “County roads” would increase the inventory <br />of miles of road in Puna and the slice of the fuel tax funds allocated to the County. There is no legal <br />definition of roads in limbo. <br /> <br />Oshiro Road is a county road which is gated. An anomaly. Check to see if there is a TMK for the road. Eden <br />Roc’s population is growing fast, no direct highway access. Using Kopua. Need greater access for health and <br />safety. <br /> <br />Do we want to prioritize the points of connectivity? Need to balance the need to create all of these points of <br />connectivity as a whole and the County’s reality of taking on affordable and do-able projects first. <br /> <br />Discussion of “overlaying”. When one department is considering a project, do they speak with other <br />departments? Planning, Public Works, Parks and Rec, Mass Transit, etc. <br />1 <br /> <br /> <br />