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<br />Communication No. 2017-11.1 <br />Addition to the 6.27.17 CERS Minutes <br />Report on the preliminary meeting of the Puna Connectivity Master Plan Committee <br /> <br />August 24, 2017, 2:00 pm <br />Department of Public Works Conference Room <br /> <br />Present: Stephanie Bath, Ben Ishii, Neena Roumell, Linnette Sawyer, Marlene Hapai, Patti Pinto, Eileen <br />O’Hara, Jen Ruggles, Kason Pacheco, Hans Santiago, Keiko Mercado, Allan Simeon, Roy Takemoto, Frank <br />DeMarco. <br /> <br />Frank DeMarco reports on the origins of the plan and committee. He and his staff worked with planning <br />to develop a connectivity plan with an upper Puna focus. The mayor came back to them and asked for a <br />comprehensive plan for all of Puna. Work with existing plans, Planning, Public Works and Community <br />people to develop the plan. <br /> <br />Committee members are: <br /> <br />Roy Takemoto, Mayor’s office <br />Hans Santiago, Planning <br />Keiko Mercado, Planning <br />Kason Pacheco, DPW <br />Ben Ishii, DPW <br />Larry Brown, PCDP <br />Patti Pinto, PCDP & Connectivity <br /> <br />The committee will be autonomous and can set up their own meeting schedule, sub-committees, etc. <br /> <br />Purpose of the committee will be to study and identify possible points of connectivity between the <br />subdivisions and the main arteries, both State and County roads. Further, as they are identified, to do <br />further research into acquisition of the properties, road lots, easements, etc. The committee will draft a <br />connectivity plan. <br /> <br />There was discussion about the realities of subdivision roads, their conditions and the various <br />ownerships of roads among the community associations. <br /> <br />It is important to use the PCDP as a guideline and to consider the recommendations in the Plan. It is <br />important to consider Parks and Recreation and Mass Transit as well. <br /> <br />It may be necessary for the committee to have access to Corporation Counsel. Also may need to consult <br />with Traffic. <br /> <br />There was discussion of the work that has been done through the PREP Fairs, the PCDP Subcommittee <br />On Connectivity and Emergency Response and the Ad-Hoc Committee of the County Council on <br />Connectivity. It is important to build off the work that has already been done. <br /> <br />We discussed whether or not we would be looking at the creation of points of connectivity or <br />connection routes. Is it a requirement that the County acquire and maintain the access roads, or just <br />the points of connectivity? Discussion about the County having access on private subdivision roads to <br />maintain the connections, would this present any problems? <br /> <br />